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Fire Alarm System Troubles Resolve Solutions
Fire alarm system is professional security equipment. Different fire security equipment manufacturer has different design coding and programming methods. But general fire alarm system design and functions are similar. Below we will list some troubles and resolve solutions for the fire alarm system programming and operation.
1. Fire Bell, Siren strobe does not react when fire alarm is triggered.
A.Please check whether or not the indication LED is on.
B.Please check whether or not there is fault information of the fire bell, siren strobe on the fire alarm control panel.
C.Please check whether or not 24V power is supplied for the fire bell, siren strobe.
D.Please check whether or not the fire bell control module is set as remote sound or siren strobe
E.Please check whether or not the output of fire bell, siren strobe is active on linkage setting.
2. When fire alarm is triggered, some equipment has requested reaction, but there is no reaction from on spot equipment, why?
The equipment feedback signal should be sent by control surveillance module. So, please check whether or not the on spot equipment status is set as automatic and can be turned on by control module. If it is set as automatic, then check the feedback signal wiring and make sure it is wired well.
3. Some circuit keeps reporting fault or feedback and then disappears automatically, why?
The caution is equipment type is not compatible or there is strong interference from the circuit. If using menu operation to test the point, the waving can be seen from the diagram curve. Generally it is cause of bad connection between circuit signal GND with earth. Please measure the resistor of the GND circuit and at normal it should be more than 5mω.
Fire alarm troubles
4. Some circuit can only trigger alarm linkage once, after that no fire alarm or feedback can be activated, why?
Solution: There is short circuit between detector or module circuit with control module. So, please check the circuit.
5. The fire alarm control panel reports main power fault and backup power fault as well?
A.Please check and make sure the main power feedback wire is well connected.
B.Please check and make sure the alarm panel power setting of power feedback type is the type of actual used power.
6. What fault can be isolated and what fault can not be isolated?
When pressing the isolate key on the fire alarm panel, it can isolates all detectors and modules which are triggering alarms. From menu setting of detectors and modules, the isolation function can isolate detectors and modules on this machine only.
The isolation function can not isolate system fault such as panel communication fault, panel power fault, interface communication fault or circuit fault, printing fault, repeat display fault etc.
7. There is no fire alarm or fault alarm report from fire alarm control panel, but the detector or module inspection indication LED is flashing.
Solutions: Maybe there is interference signal on the circuit. Please disconnect the circuit, then connect part of the circuit to system and test, repeat doing it till problem is found.
Maybe there is module or detector positive and negative polarity reversal. Please remove the circuit from the alarm panel and measure the resistor of positive phase and reverse phase.
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