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Wireless fire alarm system
Small business fire & security solution

Fire detection and burglary detection security system are two parts of building security protection system. For small business security, wireless alarm system and integrated security system gradually develops and with more advantages than wired alarm system.

The wireless fire and burglar alarm system is with features of easy installation, convenient monitor, easy management remotely, fast and intelligent.

Functions of wireless fire and security system: The system has functions of intelligent fire warning, burglar alarm, real-time video surveillance linkage, intelligent cloud platform, centralized management and control. It has GSM/GPRS network for alarm communication. Fire alarm, burglar alarm, system fault etc. Message can be prompted on smart phone app. Community center, security service center can get security information fast and stop disaster and crisis.

The wireless fire and security System composition

Wireless fire and security system consists of front-end network part, remote management part, terminal application part, community supervision part. The front-end network part includes wireless smoke detector, heat detector, wireless manual call point, wireless siren strobe and wireless input/output modules. The remote management part adopts intelligent cloud management for receiving of sensing information from front-end detectors and analyzes the data, store the data. Terminal application part can receive alarm information via mobile phone, app, or PC and responds to alarm. The community supervision part can receive alarm from remote management part and arrange to dealing with the crisis.

Innovation of wireless fire and security system

The wireless fire and security system can have maximum 120 points to equip detectors, sensors. It adopts anti-interference technology and data conflict resistance technology and can work stably. It has long range wireless transmission features and low consumption current for wireless detectors. Through remote concentrated management, the system can work more effectively.
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