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Smart fire alarm system
The traditional fire alarm system can not meet the need of social and economic development for fire prevention and control. So, smart new fire alarm system is needed. What is smart fire alarm system? The smart fire alarm system will integrate traditional and modern fire safety equipment, and convert the large amount of information data to useful data to improve the efficiency of fire control system.
The advantages of smart fire alarm system
1.The encrypted NFC tags with identity card identification are posted on the fire security facilities. The key fire security facilities will be regularly inspected strictly and inspection traces of inspectors will be recorded.
2.The smart fire alarm system can analyze the monitored scene continuously, detect, alarm and record the abnormal events. It can effectively catch abnormal alarm events, find threats in time, and reduce false alarms and omissions. Prompt the on duty personnel to pay attention to the relevant monitoring pictures and make preparations in advance to prevent the delay caused by human factors in the chaos. When an abnormal event needs to be found from a large number of videos, intelligent filtering can be carried out to greatly reduce the search time.
3.Wireless detectors, smoke sensor, heat detector, gas sensors are used in smart fire alarm system. The smart fire alarm system is with app and cloud platform and enables many people to receive alarm prompt from mobile. The fire will be found and dealt with in time.
4.The real-time monitoring of the pressure of indoor fire hydrant and spray water test. The smart fire alarm system will real time monitors the liquid level of the fire water tank, the water pressure and liquid level value, which can discover the abnormal conditions of the fire hydrant system, spray system and pool water tank at the first time, so as to ensure the good operation of the fire water, and reduce the safety risks caused by the lack of water and water in building fire control. It realize the visual management of fire water and improve the convenience of system management. Once the monitoring center receives the fire water alarm information, it will send out the alarm sound, and display the real-time data and historical trend curve.
The smart fire alarm system collects the residual current, conductor temperature and current parameters of the electrical circuit in real time by adding the front-end sensing equipment (electrical fire monitoring detector, current sensor, temperature sensor and residual current sensor) to the unit power distribution cabinet. Through services and cloud computing technology, the city Internet of things fire remote monitoring system it realizes multi-dimensional and all-round scientific analysis and processing of electrical safety data. Users can view the historical events of electrical safety and weekly reports online.
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