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Addressable FACP MN300 Instruction
MN300 is 1 loop 100-324 points addressable fire alarm control panel with full programmable functions.
The self-monitoring and full display of system status enable the FACP work well for public building fire safety. It can link to fire extinguisher and fire evacuation sounder and save life, property at first time when fire happens. Below we will make a simple instruction of this addressable FACP.
1.Normal working status: Power on AC and backup battery power supply, FACP showed “the system is working normally” and start inspection. If you want to enter into system programming, please press “KEYBOARD” key on the panel, input correct password (000000 is the factory default) and finally press the “#” key to confirm. The KEY ON/OFF indicator is on and enters into system configuration process.
Reset: There is reset key to eliminate events including alarm information, fault information and feedback information and restore the equipment to normal working status.
2.Fault status: If there is fault on the system, the FACP will make fault sound and display fault equipment on the panel.
(1)Power fault: Address 325 is for AC power and 326 is for DC power. So, if it showed 325-K or 325-D means AC power circuit is open or short. Same for DC power address 326 fault display.
(2)Equipment missing fault: The FACP will display equipment address with -M for meaning of equipment missing.
(3)Circuit fault: The FACP will display 000 for indication of circuit fault.
3.Fire Alarm Status: When there is fire alarm, the FACP will display fire alarm detector, address, and alarm time. The FACP can connect to micro-printer and print the alarm event as record.
The safety guard should check the fire alarm spot and if there is real fire, please start fire linkage equipment. If the FACP is set as manual control, please unlock the panel by pressing “KEYBOARD” key and password with “#” to enter the system and press “GENERAL LINKAGE”, “SOUND LINKAGE” to turn on linkage equipment.
If the fire alarm is false alarm, please press “PANEL MUTE” to turn of the panel sounder and check the alarm equipment. For example, the dust on the smoke detector may trigger false alarm and should clean the detector. Then reset the FACP.

Troubleshooting methods for common faults:
1. Why are there frequent error prompts during coding or coding reading?
Please check if the switch for selecting the old or new bus protocol is correctly operated.
2.If batteries are used, the FACP will shut down immediately after it is started through the “START” key, why?
This is because of low voltage of batteries. Please charge the batteries.
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