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Burglar Alarm is sometimes called home security system. The burglar alarm does not only sense burglary, but also fire. When smoke detectors, heat detectors, gas sensor, CO detectors are attached as well as intruder detectors, burglar alarm is complete home security system.

Burglar Alarm has an alarm control panel which can trigger audio video warning device and alarm communication with mobile, phone, security service CMS.

In the past, burglar alarm was installed by professional security service company. The components including security sensors and audio video device were hardwire connected to alarm control panel. Moreover, burglar alarm is set and operated via inputting obscure codes.

Nowadays, DIY home security is popular. Burglar Alarm is wireless with no any wiring needed. Even telephone line wiring can be removed cause GSM, TCP/IP networks are available for burglar alarm. Vedard Alarm does sell this newest alarm control panel at alarm system store. Setting and Operating the burglar alarm system is comfortable things. No coding but clear icons guide to set the burglar alarm and respond to alarms triggered.
But burglar alarm master code, installer code and user codes are still needed. Because these codes are passwords to access to burglar alarm system. You need to remember and keep private for this burglar alarm codes. When you move to a new house with burglar alarm existed, you need to ask for these codes from old house owner and change it.
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