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Prevention of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning
Winter is the peak season for fires. Due to the dry winter climate, cold weather and increased use of fire and electricity, resulting in increased fire. In addition, closed doors and Windows in winter allow fires to produce toxic carbon monoxide and other gases quickly gathered, resulting in instant casualties.
Therefore, it is especially important to prevent fire and carbon monoxide poisoning in winter.
1.When using coal stove for heating and cooking, open the window for ventilation or open the exhaust fan for ventilation.
2.In snowy days or rainy days, when the air pressure is relatively low, do not burn coal stoves for heating as far as possible to prevent poor smoke exhaust and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
3.When using the heater oven heating, to avoid short circuit, overload and other circumstances, resulting in electrical fire.
4.The most important thing is to install gas leak and carbon monoxide alarms as well as smoke alarms.
Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so people can’t notice it but has been poisoned and even killed. Carbon monoxide poisoning can take only a few minutes. Fire escape time is only 3-5 minutes. So without carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms, people can’t be warned to evacuate in advance.
Various carbon monoxide alarms are now available on the market. There are combustible gas and carbon monoxide detector, carbon monoxide and smoke detector and separate carbon monoxide detector, combustible gas detector and smoke detector. There are ac powered carbon monoxide detectors and battery powered carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in kitchens, garages, cars, and living rooms where coal stoves are used.
The carbon monoxide detector is easy to install and does not need debugging. It can be directly connected to the power supply or directly fixed in the installation position specified by the guide with screws. When the carbon monoxide concentration in the detection area is higher than the alarm value, the carbon monoxide detector will give an audible and visual alarm. If a carbon monoxide detector is connected to a home alarm, carbon monoxide alerts can be sent to a mobile phone via a phone, app, etc.
Now the social environment is complex, people’s life is also facing a variety of dangers. Therefore, learn to protect themselves to learn to install and use safety protection system. Gas LPG can be used for cooking and heating, but it is also very risky. In addition to proper use, it is necessary to install gas alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and smoke alarms.
There are guidance and more information of fire alarm, gas detector, gas with solenoid control CO alarm, smoke alarm at Vedard alarm security support. You can post question there or contact us for help or consultant.
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