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Home Security Fire Alarm and fire fighting
Home fires often cause heavy casualties and property losses. The designed home fire detection alarm and fire automatically fighting system can effectively prevent fire or reduce loss from fire. Home fire safety systems include fire detection and alarm, combustible gas detection and alarm, automatic sprinkler, portable fire hoses and fire extinguishers.
Automatic home fire alarm system adopts independent or network smoke detector and temperature detection alarm. Smoke detector must be installed in the living room and every bed room, study room and other rooms. Each smoke detector can protect about 40m2 area. The detector should be set in the center and kept at a distance of more than 0.5m from the lighting and other obstacles.
The fire detector can send sound and light alarm signal for alert. The network fire detector can send alarm signal to inform the security service center and safety person through the linked alarm host.
Smoke detector is not suitable to be installed in kitchen cause of much fumes there. Heat detector and combustible gas detector should be installed in the kitchen. It is better to install gas detector with solenoid valve to automatically shut off the gas source when gas leakage is detected.
The home sprinkler system includes fire pipes and sprinklers. There are ceiling mounted pendent sprinkler head and wall mounted sidewall sprinkler head. The installation interval of side wall sprinkler head is 2m-3.6m, and the distance between the nearest sprinkler head and the wall is not more than 1.8m.The protection span is 3.6m.
In order to deal with the initial home fire, a home type convenient fire hose should be equipped. The fire hose includes hose and water gun. The home fire hoses can obtain water from tap or fire lines or share a faucet with a washing machine.
The home fire safety system should also include a fire extinguisher. There are many types of fire extinguishers. ABC dry powder fire extinguishers are generally used in family house fires. When using a fire extinguisher, firstly remove the safety plug, hold the tip of the nozzle firmly in one hand. Then aim at the root of the flame, press down the pressure valve and spray dry powder to the flame.
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