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FAS design notice
Fire alarm system (FAS) design is standard and coded for execution. The initial design is the same by default. But there are some important notice to take attention on the design phrase. Many posts suggest and imply how to design fire alarm systems for people starting out fire alarm system design. According to the fire alarm system project requirement, the specific details and codes of fire alarm design may be varied. But remember fire alarm system is a system detecting problems and notifying people with sound and light. So, both detection system and notifying system should work effectively.

Notice 1: About wiring circuit of FAS: there are two type wiring circuit: T circuit and ring circuit. We suggest to use ring circuit. If one detector is fault, it can be easy inspected with ring circuit and hard to inspect with T circuit. Ring circuit is more reliable than T circuit for the whole system. If circuit is cut, ring circuit system can be found with fault and T circuit may be not.

Notice 2: About stairway fire emergency broadcast. Stairwell is an independent detection area and stairway fire emergency broadcast is an independent notify area as well. The design is to improve and ensure the system security and reliability.

Notice 3: Setting up short circuit isolator. Short circuit isolator is needed for the FAS. Generally one short circuit isolator is needed for every 15 elements and not a detection circuit. That can raise the FAS reliability.

Notice 4: Every element should be numbered on the system construction drawing. It helps management of every department.

Notice 5: If the detector is installed in hidden place, such as the ceiling under the floor, then the independent indicator is needed for notification of its working status.

Notice 6: Using with sounder detector in bedroom to notify people in sleep. The public area audio video notification device may be not loud enough to wake up sleep people in bedroom, so, detector with sounder is needed.

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