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Perimeter security should be included in home security system
In the past, perimeter security was generally used only in factories, industries, and corporate buildings.
But with the development of technology and the improvement of products, the installation and maintenance of perimeter security alarm system is very simple.
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Perimeter security is the most important part of home security system.
Perimeter security is the first line of defense of home security. The perimeter burglar alarm system can block the thieves in the outdoor to protect the family and property.
Can people DIY perimeter security? Yes. Solar wireless beam, detector, infrared grating, infrared wall alarm system is the simplest perimeter security equipment for DIY or professional installation.
How easy is it to install a solar perimeter alarm system? The simplest security kit is Solar power motion light
courtyard lighting. It can be placed in balcony, courtyard, garden. When someone passes by, it will light up. As a result, the burglar will give up further burglary.
Another simple perimeter security kit is driveway monitor solar wireless infrared detector with wireless alarm bell. You can place the solar detector on the entrance of driveway or gate. The entry of vehicle or people will be detected and notified by alarm bell indoor. So, people indoor will receive notify and get ready when someone or the thieves entering into the driveway or yard. You can add a door magnetic contact and receive alarm when someone opens the door.
If you have a fence, you need to prevent and monitor climbing, then you need to use 2-beam, 3-beams or 4-beams solar wireless photoelectric infrared beam break alarm system. If you have a garden, you can use solar garden lamp with intruder detector alarm system.
For windows, balcony, you need to use solar wireless infrared grating for intrusion detection and alert before breaking.
Solar power wireless alarm system includes solar wireless outdoor detector, break beam, infrared grating, garden lamp with intruder detector, indoor solar PIR sensor, smoke alarm, gas sensor, water leakage detector, panic button, door contact, wireless alarm bell or app alarm host. You can add up to 32 to 99 wireless detectors and remote controller to one alarm receiver. Find solar wireless alarm brochure.
Self-defense is fundamental to home safety. Choosing the right security system can better resist the intrusion of thieves. Perimeter security is an important part of home security system. A perimeter security system must be included when designing a home security solution. For already installed home security system, solar wireless perimeter security system can also be easily added. Solar energy perimeter security system is equipped with wireless wired adaptor, wireless long distance repeater. It can be combined with a third-party wireless home alarm system.
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