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Don’t forget home security on Christmas and New Year
The sudden arrival of the Novel Coronavirus has made all the difference in those two years. Many people have died and many people have had a difficult life as a result. Perhaps in order to live, there are also many people who steal and rob and cause more families to suffer. Especially around Christmas and New Year’s, this kind of thing is more likely to happen.
All we can do is take precautions. Security system is the most reliable and effective security tools at present. Many homes have surveillance cameras installed. But surveillance cameras can only be used as evidence of a crime after intrusion. It can’t warn or stop burglars before they enter. The best protection areas are the aisles, driveways, yards, doors and Windows where burglars can get inside. Therefore, installing burglar detectors in these areas can alert people when thieves enter these areas. So people can be vigilant and take good protection to avoid getting hurt.
The solar-powered wireless infrared beam and PIR detector is specially designed to be installed in walkways, driveways, yards, doors and Windows for outdoor intrusion detection alarms. When someone enters the protected area set by it, the solar wireless beam will sound and send an alarm signal to the indoor receiving host. People are also alerted indoors by sound and light alarms, and thieves often leave when they know their intrusion is known.
Solar wireless alarms come in a variety of forms and can be applied to walls, fences, balconies, windows and driveways. There is no need for drilling and wiring, no need for professional electricians, people can easily install by themselves according to the instructions and videos.
Now it is the most difficult time for humans to combat the Novel Coronavirus. The WHO expert Group meeting agreed that “there is also a need to rely on the widespread implementation of public health restrictions, combined with the completion of vaccine scale-up.” WHO delegates have -d that the world has the ability and confidence to control the COVID-19 epidemic by 2022 and gradually return to normal life. Hard times will pass. People should be equal and help each other to usher in better times.
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