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Home security solution
The home security system can guarantee the safety of the house and prevent the occurrence of theft and robbery and personnel damage. The intelligent security technology will convert its related content and service into information of voice, text and image. Image transmission and storage, data storage and processing etc. are the main part of the security technology. A complete intelligent security system mainly includes access control, alarm and surveillance.
Functions of the intelligent security system can be as listed below:
1.Stop burglary and theft
Install the anti-theft device of the system on the doors and Windows. When the thief approaches the doors and Windows, the sensor detects the human movement, then the door and window controller sends the command, and the doors and Windows will shut automatically. If the thief stays or breaks in by force, the intelligent master controller will send an alarm sound to deter the thief, and automatically dial the alarm number to inform you and the alarm center of the intruder, so that the corresponding measures can be taken in time.
2.Door windows contact switch and motion sensors to stop the burglary and theft
The door window contacts are installed on door or windows and when door or window is open at arm status, it will send alarm information to notify the owner and security center. Various indoor motion sensor curtain PIR, double PIR, microwave PIR, ceiling PIR are installed in rooms or living room, corridors. If human movement is detected, it will trigger alarm and notify owner and security service of the intrusion.
3.Emergency button for elder people, children and trigger alarm immediately
One click emergency button can be used to trigger sound and flash to deter the thief and send alarm to owner or security service.
4.Gas leakage detector to prevent fire and explosion
Gas leakage detector is installed in kitchen room. It can be connected with solenoid valve or manipulator. When combustible gas is detected, it will trigger sound and light alarm and shut off the gas source.
5.Smoke detector to prevent fire
The smoke detector is installed in every bedroom and corridors. It will sense fire at first stage of smoking and trigger sound and light alarm. At the same time, it send alarm notification to home owner phone and security service center.
6.CCTV surveillance
Security camera is installed in the garden, in the courtyard and balcony. Home owner can monitor the area by mobile app anytime. Moreover, it can be linked with infrared beam, infrared grating and outdoor intrusion detector. When intrusion is detected, it will trigger the camera to turn to the view and take the picture then send to home owner or security service mobile.
Smart security system can assist home owners and security service guard to monitor the home security 24 hours.
How to design the home security solution?

Firstly, we need to analyse the function requirements.
1.What system is needed? Access control, CCTV, intruder alarm with fire detection all three systems are needed or not? Will the 3 systems work together on a platform for management together or separately?
2.What network to use for alarm sending? PSTN, GSM/GPRS 3G/4G, TCP/IP?
3.What type of alarm information sending and how to monitor the security system? Voice call, email, app prompt, sms? Need to send image and monitor the protected area video or not?
4.Need to remote control house appliance? If yes, need to add the smart socket.

Secondly, we need to analyse the application requirement.
1.How many windows? Need to use windows contact switch or curtain PIR or both?
2.How many doors? Need to use door contact.
3.How many floors? Need to use PIR motion sensor at at the top of each staircase.
4.What is the longest distance between sensor with alarm panel? If more than 100m, then wireless repeater is needed.
5.How many siren strobe to use? Each floor can have one installed.
6.How many smoke detectors to use? Every bedrooms, staircase, living room should have the smoke detectors installed.
7.How many gas detector to use? At least the kitchen room should have the gas detector installed.
8.How many security camera to installed? The garden, courtyard, balcony, the gate entrance, all floors staircase should have security cameras for monitoring.
9.More other security sensors such as CO detector, heat detector, water leakage detector, panic button can be added according to needs.
10.Outdoor security protection of fence, garden, wall, windows and balcony. New technology solar power wireless infrared break beam, infrared grating and outdoor solar power PIR motion sensor can be used for outdoor security easy.

If use outdoor windows infrared grating, then the indoor windows contact or motion sensor can be removed.
Building terrace, balcony, French window is the key area of safety protection. Solar power wireless break beam system can be used for the protection. The security protection areas can be divided into indoor security area, outdoor security area and perimeter security area. The key security area may have double types security equipment such as security camera and infrared grating installed.
Security system can be set arm/disarm timer and automatically armed disarmed. Other alarm accessory such as remote controller, keyboard can be used to send alarm, receive alarm information and inquiry system status easy.

The selection of wired, wireless or combined security system.
Wired security system is composed of wired alarm host and various kinds of detectors. When installing wired safety systems, it is necessary to groove in the floor or walls to embed galvanized steel pipes or PVC pipes during building decoration or installation. It is generally suitable for hotels, offices and apartments. It is not suitable for house with many rooms or protection areas.
Wireless security system is composed of wireless defense alarm host and various wireless detectors through RF radio frequency communication. Wireless security systems can easily add or change detection point and detectors. It greatly reduce wiring construction cost and labor cost. Its disadvantage is uncertain of the stability of signal transmission.
Combined security system is always adopted for security project. In addition, the video monitoring transmission data is very large, alarm, monitoring integration host can not bear. So video surveillance is generally a separate system.

Home security solution design provisions:
1.Safety and protection engineering procedures and requirements.
2.Technical standard for burglar alarm controller.
3.Technical standards for intrusion detection.
4.Fire prevention requirements for homes.
5.Home security system standard.
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