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LoRa intelligent wireless fire alarm system
The installation of traditional wired fire alarm system requires laying lines, which is difficult and costly. Moreover, because the lines are hidden inside the wall, it is extremely difficult to troubleshoot, leading to high operation and maintenance costs.
Many small businesses such as hotels, shops, clinics, Internet cafes, beauty parlors are not equipped with professional fire alarm systems. Autumn and winter are fire prone seasons. These small businesses are not equipped with fire alarm systems and cannot detect fires in time. Can’t notify people to evacuate in time. These small businesses are not equipped with fire alarm systems and cannot detect fires in time and can’t notify people to evacuate. So a small fire (3 to 5 square meters) could kill 3 to 6 people.
It is important to install a fire alarm system. But for small businesses, a fire alarm system that is easy to install and maintain and cheap is appropriate. Wireless fire alarm system is certainly such a system.
In contrast to the NB-type smoke sensor, the LoRa wireless fire alarm system can connect all the audible and visual alarms in the area to audible and visual alarm when detecting a fire, and timely notify all relevant personnel for escape and fire treatment. In addition, when the personnel found the fire in the first time and press the manual fire alarm button, it can also activate all the sound and light alarms in the area.
LoRa low power wide area Network technology is a wireless access technology for the Internet of Things. Compared with existing mature technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee, LoRa has the advantages of long distance, low power consumption, low cost and wide coverage.
Fuan LoRa wireless fire alarm system is a distributed control system based architecture, using LoRa communication technology upgrade of the new system, the communication distance is improved, lower power consumption at the same time, the real time detection of building fire alarm information, and in the event of a fire evacuation in the building personnel under the condition of fire alarm system alarm indication.
The system consists of fire alarm controller, wireless repeater, wireless optical smoke fire detection alarm, wireless fire sound and light alarm, wireless manual fire alarm button, wireless input/output interface.
When using, according to the structure and scale of the building, the appropriate number of detectors and audible and visual alarms are arranged in different areas of the building in advance. The detectors collect the environmental information of the monitored area in real time and make corresponding judgment processing, and send the alarm information or working situation of the area to the controller in real time through the repeater. The controller realizes complete monitoring of fire alarm and working conditions of the whole building by analyzing and processing the detector nodes in different areas of the building. In case of fire, the alarm sound is issued through the fire detector and sound and light alarm according to the predetermined evacuation strategy to remind people in the building to rescue and escape.
System advantages:
1. Meet the industry standard GA1151-2014 “General Requirements for Wireless Communication Function of Fire Alarm System”.
2. the whole series of front-end products meet the 3C certification standards of fire protection.
3. Low-power design with intelligent power adjustment can maximize the battery life of front-end wireless products to 5 years.
4. with battery low voltage, equipment offline, equipment removal and other failure alarm functions.
5. double communication design (fire alarm two bus, wireless communication).
6. Super large system load capacity design up to 3000 points.
7. High reliability LoRa wireless communication design, single stage communication distance up to 2 km, support a maximum of 10 stage relay network topology, cascade open communication distance up to 20 km.
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