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The different security needs of shops with different size
According to the scale of operation and management mode, retail shops can be divided into two categories: individual small shops and large/chain shops. There are also some differences between the two in the construction of security.
1.The number of monitoring probes: the number of monitoring probes in individual small shops is generally less than 10, and the number of monitoring probes in large/chain shops is more than dozens to hundreds。
2.Type of equipment: individual small shops installed equipment is generally network hemisphere, large/chain shops installed variety of equipment, ball machine, gun machine, infrared gun machine, and infrared detector, smoke detector, glass break detector.
3.Monitoring Center: Small and medium-sized shops generally only have one monitor, while large/chain stores generally have a dedicated monitoring center.
4.Monitoring personnel: small and medium-sized shops do not have monitoring personnel, generally have cashiers to watch, large/chain stores have special monitoring personnel on duty.

Requirements analysis and application patterns:
Small shops: for safety and management
1.Prevention and deterrence effect: after the construction of the retail network video surveillance system, the camera can deter some customers with illegal attempts.
2.Anti-theft effect: when more customers in the store, the salesperson can directly detect customer theft and stop it through on-site monitoring, so as to reduce the occurrence of theft.
3.Dispute Resolution: When the dispute about money occurs between the customer and the cashier of the retail industry, the retail network video monitoring system can provide effective evidence to quickly resolve the dispute.
4.Response to emergencies: night is the time of high incidence of crimes, the system can record any illegal acts against the retail industry, provide direct and powerful evidence for the public security organs to investigate the case.
5.Function of remote video management: through remote video monitoring and management, it is more convenient for operators to know the working appearance, service attitude and cashier situation of the staff in the store, and provide basis for assessing the performance of the staff.
Solution: NVR/DVR in stores can realize 24-hour uninterrupted storage of video images in stores. The system adopts a video image browsing mode combining local video browsing and mobile video browsing, which is flexible and convenient.If the client has several stores, the video server client can be unified management to view all the stores.

Large shops security solution:
Security monitoring services provided by security center company. Alarm linkage to the security department, unified review management.

When there is an illegal situation, the security personnel quickly inform the police and arrive at the scene in time. They can support the shops in the first time and have the highest security level.
Chain store operators can view video, video storage and playback anytime and anywhere through mobile terminal or PC terminal.
On the basis of video surveillance, sensor equipment is expanded, such as door magnetic, infrared sensing, window break sensor, vibration detector, water leakage detector, smoke detector, gas sensor etc. to realize the functions of early warning and deterrence. There is alarm short message notification, alarm linkage video screenshot intelligent identification of abnormal scene alarm in monitoring scene, etc.

Large-scale commercial customers and branches and numerous business outlets, management needs a unified, convenient, intuitive and effective management tools.
1.Establish a multi-level management and control system for the head office, the city grade office and the shops.
Provincial monitoring center (storage equipment, not fixed storage), shops can be stored for 30 days
2.Intelligent passenger flow analysis and fixed-point service inspection
Passenger flow analysis equipment is added at the entrance and exit of shops, and the flow data is uploaded to the platform, which is processed comprehensively with the sales performance of shops to generate sales conversion rate and provide support for business decisions.
Can be fixed to the province, the city shop video service patrol inspection (with sound).
Active security and early warning monitoring mechanism.
The active prevention and control mechanism includes: 911 networking, real-time monitoring of prefecture-city monitoring center personnel.
The intelligent analysis system analyzes and alarms abnormal scenes in the video.
Early warning informing mechanism includes: double monitoring equipment prevention and control, mobile phone SMS warning informing store managers.
According to the development of the market, the application of video surveillance system must be beyond the simple security, chain shops series products, has been to use video resources: traffic estimates, store service comprehensive audit evaluation information, video conference training system, etc., in safety for the user to provide more information management means.
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