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Automatic fire alarm system terms of manual and automatic control
On the fire regulation, there are some equipment should be automatically controlled by fire alarm control center. They are fire pump, smoke exhausting fan, fire proof door and fire curtain. The fire pump and smoke exhausting fan can not only be automatically controlled by fire alarm control center, but also be directly controlled manually at spot. Manual control buttons should be set on both sides of the fire rolling curtain on the evacuation channel.
Why do these devices so important for fire fighting? These devices can extinguish early fire and prevent fire spreading. So, these devices should be automatically turned on or shut off immediately when fire occurs.
On the fire regulation, other devices are not required to be set as automatically controlling. For example, fire bell horn and fire broadcasting etc. should be manually triggered or linkage output triggered after confirmation or other signal is found. If fire bell and fire broadcasting goes off without confirmation, it may cause unnecessary fear for people if false alarm occurred.
In the water extinguishing system, the fire hydrant system is controlled by the fire hydrant button, the start button on the control center linkage controller and the pump button on the pump control box of the pump room. Any button of these three ones is pressed, it will start the fire hydrant pump. It is manually controlled and not automatically controlled. There may have automatic and manual mark on the state switching switch of the control cabinet in the pump room. The automatic here means started by remote controlling and manual means started by local controlling. In an automatic sprinkler system, there are automatic and manual mark on the control cabinet of the sprinkler pump in the pump room. “Manual” means “on-site start” and “automatic” means manual start-up of the pump or pressure switch on the wet alarm valve of the control center. For the whole sprinkler system, “automatic” refers to the pressure switch start-up, and “manual” refers to the control center remote control start-up.
For pipe network gas fire extinguishing system, the release of fire extinguishing gas must be confirmed by people on the scene. Automatic state of fire identification is equipment confirmation. Its general practice is two sets of detectors at the same time issued alarms, can be considered as a fire start signal. When the first set of detectors alarm, the personnel on duty should immediately rush to the scene to make a manual confirmation on the spot to decide whether to start the fixed fire extinguishing system. Although there are automatic and manual start-up modes in the design, manual start-up mode should be the main one when someone is on duty.
So the fire control center panel only displays the manual automatic working state of the system. It monitors the system of alarm and injecting feedback signals at various stages, and controls other linkage devices such as fireproof doors and windows, air conditioning and fireproof valves. But it is not required to immediately start off the fire extinguishing system. This is to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the system.
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