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Electric Fire and Electric Socket
May 01, 2018 Brazil S?o Paulo fire caused high rising building collapses in huge blaze. The public security bureau said the fire was caused by short circuit of a electric socket.
Which electric device on fire is the most dangerous? Computer? TV set? No, it is electric socket. About 30% fire is caused by electric socket. Incorrect selecting of the electric socket, improper installing or using of the electric socket may cause fire. Below are the details.
1.The electric socket is mounted too low and near the floor.
If the electric socket is mounted lower and near the floor, the water will easy splash into the electric socket when you mop the floor. That will cause short circuit of the electric socket.

2.No water proof cover is installed for electric sockets in kitchen room and bathrooms. The water will easy splash into the electric socket when you wash the dishes in kitchen rooms and taking shower in bathroom.

3.A few electrical appliances share a socket. The socket may be burn out and cause fire because of excessive power.

4.Aluminum wire is used as power line.
Aluminum wire is easy to oxidize, and the joint part is easy to strike fire. So, copper wire is needed for power line. The switch should be connected to live wire.

5.Change the place of earth wire.
The earth wire should not be placed randomly. Earth wire can protect us when electric leakage occur for house appliance.

6.Only one circuit for all house appliance.
If one house appliance is short circuit, then all house appliance will be burned out. The best one is one room one circuit especially bathroom and kitchen room.

7.Universal socket is used.
The universal socket jack is too large and the contact area between socket connector and electrical appliance plug is too small. It is easy to overheat the contact sheet and cause a fire.
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