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Combination of fingerprint lock and home security system
Lock is the first anti-theft tool used for home security. But destroying the lock and invading into house is the first choice of home intruders and burglary. 80% of home invasion is through the door with lock destroying or with technical way to unlock the door. Traditional lock is not safe enough now for home security.

How can lock protect home and against destroying. The appearance of fingerprint lock got much attention. But the fingerprint lock can still be destroyed without notice at first time.

Combination of fingerprint lock and home security system is the new lock technology and home security integration.

What features of the new fingerprint lock for home security? Compare to the traditional fingerprint lock, the new fingerprint lock has unlock record and tamper-resist functions. Moreover, it has robbery password available for duress door open.

The network function is the most important feature of the new fingerprint lock. It supports wireless 433MHz, 485 zigbee, Z-WAVE communication protocols. It can work with smart home security system with smart phone APP operation and query of the lock.

How can the network fingerprint lock be more effective for home security? It has mobile APP remotely unlocking way added to fingerprint unlocking, phantom password unlocking and mechanical key unlocking, RFID card unlocking. It has temporary password available for visitors. It has robbery password available for duress door open. It is with tamper-resist switch and send anti-burglar alarm and notification. Wrong password or violent unlock will be reported via app message pushing.

Connected to the home security system, the door open close status can report to home owner by App, Low battery status can be sent to home owner. Destroying of the lock will be report to home owner and security service if it is connected. On the other way, home owner can query the door open status and get door open report with detailed door open user and ways.

Combination of fingerprint lock and home security system brings safer of the home. The smart home security component and advanced home automation technology has brought us convenient and comfort smart home life. New technology 3G/4G GPRS and Wifi network home alarm control panel can work with IP cameras, house appliance control switches. DIY home scene setting and ifttt settings are available. With one click or voice instruction, the lighting, curtain, air conditioner etc. Can be set as sleeping mode, reading mode etc.

The smart home security system is available for shopping already. Please visit home security store or contact Vedard alarms for more details.
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