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Carbon monoxide detection system
According to the code, carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in places where carbon monoxide leakage is possible.

For the choice of carbon monoxide detector, you may have the following questions:

Carbon monoxide is both a combustible gas and a toxic gas,should I choose a carbon monoxide detector or a combustible gas detector?
According to the requirements of petrochemical combustible gas and toxic gas detection alarm design code, only toxic gas detectors should be installed. Therefore, carbon monoxide toxic gas detector should be selected when selecting detectors in places where carbon monoxide leakage may exist.

In addition, the detection of carbon monoxide leakage detector and the detection of fire carbon monoxide fire detector is a completely different concept. Carbon monoxide fire detector is a special kind of fire detector. Most fires will produce carbon monoxide gas, and the characteristics of carbon monoxide are more obvious for early fires and smoldering fires with insufficient combustion. Carbon monoxide fire detector is an effective fire detection method by detecting the carbon monoxide produced by the fire.

The carbon monoxide toxic gas detector used to detect carbon monoxide leakage can be connected to the combustible gas detection and alarm system.
Carbon monoxide fire detectors used to detect fires should be connected to automatic fire alarm systems.
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