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How to build up security service center
How to build up security service center?
It is easy to build up security service center based on HB security equipment. HB company has developed two sets of specialized cluster servers
which provides uninterrupted and stable transfer service for mobile apps without fixed IP Internet access or for the security service. Meanwhile,
it pre-installs the video private cloud service, which provides strong support for video linkage pop-up screen.
Security service can build up their own cluster server.
Server configuration requirements:
CPU requirement: Intel 4 core more than 4 threads, 3-stage buffer more than 3M, above 3GHz processor;
The main board has 4 channels of memory, which can support more than 32g of memory and more than gigabytes of network card;
Memory 16G, main frequency ddr3 2400 or above; Over 1T hard disk; Network addressing service, video private cloud service, mobile APP service, etc
For small or medium security service company, no server is available at initial time. HB companyh will provide PC operated CMS. Just install it and can
manage the security alarm information on PC.
Features of HB security service center.
1. Four uploading and downloading channels to ensure the stable operation of the system.
The first channel is a direct connection from the client host to the alarm center with fixed IP network. It links to the destination address without any transfer.
The second channel is to connect to the security alarm center after the transfer from the client host to the main server.
Thes main server can be either a public server hosted by our company or a server built by the security service center.
When the system detects the abnormality of the first direct connection through the main channel, it will automatically switch to this channel.
The third channel is to connect to the security service center after being transferred from the client host to the standby server.
At present, our company has built two sets of identical servers, which will automatically switch to the channel when the system detects that both
the direct connection channel and the transit main channel are abnormal.
The fourth channel is that the GSM SMS alarm center connects the SMS cat module through the serial port. When the system detects that all network channels are abnormal, it will automatically
start the SMS channel to receive the alarm information.
2. The platform is designed with alarm networking as the main body and video linkage as the auxiliary.
The alarm system can not only realize the synchronous popup of baidu map, point location distribution map, video monitoring three screen display, but also support the user’s mobile APP, local, security center and other multi-level synchronous alarm.
3. Open, standard platform, stronger compatibility.
The security system platform is designed based on ADEMCO network protocol and can be compatible with all other brands alarm device.
4. The setup of private server ensures the smooth and stable operation of the system.
5. The using of solar power wireless detectors, beams largely saved the security service maintenance cost.
6. Support multi-level synchronous alarm, various kinds of screen split display, more intuitive
User can use mobile phone app to receive alarm and view the video, alarm point map and video monitoring can be poped up at local alarm center, pop up baidu map, point map and video monitoring map, split screen displayed on security service center.
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