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Fire Security for garage, motor repair shop, parking area
Fireproof in garage, motor repair shop, parking area can not be ignored.
What dangers are there in garage, motor repair shop, parking area?
The fuel used in vehicle is generally gasoline or natural gas. Including lubricating oil, they are combustible material and easy to lead to fire and explosion.
The vehicles structure contains electrical wiring, ignition devices, batteries, which are dangerous if there is damage or abnormality.
The vehicles interior decoration material is always combustible material and easy lead to fire.
The garage is with poor ventilation, vehicle exhaust CO gas and leakage gasoline will easy lead to poisoning or fire.
Garage fire characteristics:

The garage is always underground and fire rescue work is with difficult. If fire occur, it may develop quickly and not easy to extinguish.
There is explosion possibility.
There is poisoning possibility and with difficult for evacuation.

Fire Security for Garage:
Cause of vehicle exhaust and poor ventilation, smoke detector may be not suitable for garage fire detection. Generally, Heat detector and Combustible gas sensor is used for garage fire security. But heat detector can not sense fire at first time. A dual-band infrared light flame detector is designed for using in underground parking. Such as UV flame Detector, Infrared light flame detector can sense fire infrared light with 3.5~5 um wave length. Infrared flame detector can avoid garage environment interference such as dust, vehicle exhaust and humidity. Of course, UV flame Detector is suitable for garage fire alarm as well.

Fire Department Security Requirement for garage, motor repair shop, parking area

According to fire department security requirement, fire automatic alarm and exhaust system, sprinkler system should be set for garage, motor repair shop, parking area as regulation. So, garage fire alarm system design should be made according to the regulation and garage space, available parking vehicles quantity etc. Drawing should be firstly made and checked by fire security engineers. The fire detectors types (smoke detector, thermal detector, flame sensor, gas sensor etc.) are used according to environment and garage building structure as well.
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