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Conventional fire alarm system is early designed automatic fire alarm system. More complex and intelligent addressable fire alarm and intelligent fire alarm systems are designed later. Conventional fire alarm system is capable of detecting smoke and heat, flame, gas leakage etc. or an activated pull station, and reporting this information to on-site personnel via dedicated phone line. It can identify “zone” which maximum 20-25 detectors in one area are connected to the alarm control panel. Addressable fire alarm system can further identify each detector. So, addressable fire alarm system is popular used for large space or public building fire security.
But for small place, such as hotel, villa, resident security, conventional fire alarm system is still suitable and convenient for installation and maintenance. Conventional fire alarm system is reliable as well and it is still used to control relay contact type device such as draught fan, water pump.
2-zone mini type conventional fire alarm control panel is very suitable for small business fire security. It has 2 zones and each zone can equip maximum 25 detectors. The panel has zone1 alarm, zone2 alarm and NAC alarm, zone1 fault, zone2 fault, NAC fault indication. Evacuate, silence, test/reset buttons can be operated on the panel. So, the fire security guard can easy understand the alarm information and operate the alarm panel to warn people of the fire event. Fire location can be easy found and fire extinguishing measure be taken cause the place is small. So, mini type conventional fire alarm system is very suitable for small business place such as hotel, villa, showroom, store. AC90-270V power supply with lead-acid backup battery and 1 alarm sound output zones (bell zones), which can equip max.16 sounders. The mini type fire alarm panel can expand to 4 zones, 6 zones etc. By adding slave alarm panel via RS485 connection.
Conventional detector is universal and can be used for any type conventional fire alarm control panel. There are smoke / heat /smoke &heat detectors or 4-wire smoke detector with relay output. The detector can be equipped with shutter door control box as well. When the detector alarms, the signal is fed back to the controller. The remote LED can be connected to the detector for clear view if the detector is installed in hidden place such as attic.
Fire control room security guard duty
After receiving the fire alarm signal, in 5 seconds, the fire control room No.1 duty officer should confirm the alarm location according to the fire control room graphic display device or automatic fire alarm system corresponding figure. No.2 duty officer should notify and confirm the alarm with the alarm site security person through the fire telephone, intercom, fixed telephone, mobile phone.
After fire alarm is confirmed, No.1 duty officer shall confirm the integrated fire control equipment is at the automatic state, if it is at manual state, shall be immediately adjusted to the automatic state. Then should monitor the running state of automatic sprinkler system, fire hydrant system, gas extinguishing systems, foam extinguishing system and smoke exhaust system, fire doors, fire shutter system, elevator, fire emergency broadcasting system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating system. If the fire pump, smoke control fan and exhaust fan are not started automatically, manual control device should be used to start it directly. The fire emergency broadcast system should broadcast to the whole building after fire confirmed. If it is not opened in linkage, the microphone should be used to broadcast to the whole building to inform the specific location of the fire and the way of evacuation, etc., and inform the people in the building to evacuate.
No. 2 duty officer shall immediately notify the personnel of the second team and the members of the micro-fire station by means of intercom, fixed telephone, mobile phone, etc., and notify the person in charge of fire safety, fire safety manager, the person in charge of the centralized management department, the person in charge of the fire area department or the person in charge of administrative duty of the day of the unit. At the same time, call the fire alarm number “911”. When calling the alarm, you should specify the name of the fire unit, the specific place, the fire site, the burning material, the fire situation and the contact information.
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