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Photoelectric beam smoke detector
Photoelectric beam smoke detector makes use of infrared ray to detect the fire within a fixed range around infrared ray. The beam smoke detector is usually composed of a pair of separately mounted, tuned infrared luminescent and receiver. Its working principle is to determine the fire according to the reduced light beam amount emitted by the infrared luminescence device to the infrared receiver. This fire detection method is usually called smoke reduction method, and the infrared light beam smoke detector is divided into two types: counter type and reflection type.
The third type of linear beam smoke detector is a linear beam smoke detector composed of a receiver and a reflector.The installation distance between the receiver and the reflector is 5 to 100 meters. After the infrared beam from the source of the receiver hits the reflector, it returns to the receiver. There is no signal transmission line between the two.Its advantage is that this type of linear beam smoke detector is also directly powered by the general power supply in the detection area, no external power supply is required.
Applicable environment:
1. Infrared beam smoke detector should be selected for large space without shelter or room with special requirements.
2. In line with one of the following places, should not choose the infrared beam smoke detector:
there is a lot of dust, water mist retention;
Steam and oil mist may be generated;
Smoke retention under normal conditions;
The building structure fixed by detector has a large displacement due to vibration and so on.
3. The following places or parts, should choose linear temperature fire detector: highway tunnel, railway tunnel, etc. 2 it is not easy to install the inter layer of point detector, closed roof;Other dangerous places with bad environment are not suitable for spot detector installation.
4. the following places or parts, should choose cable type linear temperature fire detector: cable tunnel, cable shaft, cable sandwich, cable bridge;Power distribution equipment, switchgear, transformer, etc.Various belt conveyors.
5. the following places or parts, should choose air tube type or linear fiber temperature fire detector: there is strong electromagnetic interference;Oil storage tanks other than liquefied petroleum gas;Inflammable and explosive places where linear temperature sensitive fire detectors need to be set;Cable tunnels and underground Spaces that need to monitor ambient temperature should be equipped with linear fiber-optic fire detectors with real-time temperature monitoring function.
6. It is not suitable to choose linear fiber temperature fire detector for cable fire field requiring quick response to small flame with diameter less than 10cm or local overheating.
7. The selection of linear constant temperature detector should ensure that its non-operating temperature is higher than the highest environmental temperature of the setting place.

beam smoke detector maintenance:
If infrared beam smoke fire detector reports failure during normal operation after debugging, it should first check whether there is anything blocking the detection space of the linear beam smoke fire detector, and then check whether it is damaged to ensure that the linear beam smoke fire detector is tightly fixed on the wall or other fixed positions.Then the dust accumulation degree and position deviation of the linear beam smoke detector are checked to see if the automatic compensation fault is caused by this reason and then other fault types of the detector are considered.
2. If it is found that the launch of linear beam smoke fire detector, receive window and dust or grease contamination on the surface of the reflector, it is recommended to use soft cloth and alcohol wipe gently transmitting and receiving window and contaminants on the surface of the reflector (avoid scratch), be careful not to use water (water cleanup) and other chemicals (may damage the window materials).After cleaning, the linear beam smoke fire detector should be debugged so that the linear beam smoke fire detector enters the normal monitoring state again.
3. Linear beam smoke fire detector is a fire protection product. In the process of use, the on-duty and shift system must be strictly implemented, and the operation records (important information such as operation status and inspection time) must be carefully done.
4. The personnel on duty shall master the technical functions and operating procedures of the equipment, and prohibit improper operation.
5. Linear beam smoke fire detector alarm function test every six months (test accessories or similar point type smoke fire detector test method can be used).
1. The detector should be checked periodically (it is recommended that every 1 to 2 months). If there is any fault, it should be eliminated in time to ensure that the detector is in all-weather working state.
2. The detector should be checked for dust accumulation by lens periodically (recommended every 3 months). If there is dust accumulation by lens, please wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol.
3. The detector should be installed regularly (recommended every 6 months) and checked between each connection. If it is loose, it should be repaired in time to ensure that the detector is tightly fixed on the wall or other fixed positions.
4. In the normal maintenance process, if the lens is cleaned or refurbished, the detector must be re-adjusted to make its alarm value within the normal range.
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