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Connect solenoid valve with gas detector
Gas is the main energy source for heating and cooking in daily life. Now almost every household has installed gas pipeline, which provides great convenience for daily life.However, gas is also associated with certain dangers, especially in the case of improper use and caused gas leakage, which may lead to fire or explosion.One would ask, Can nobody know when a gas leak occurs?State regulation requires gas must do smell treatment before sent to the user’s home. It is to prevent gas leakage without notice of people. In many cases, the gas has accumulated in the space to the point that a small flame or friction spark can trigger a fire or explosion when user discovers a gas leak.What to do in this situation?Gas alarm can prevent gas leakage, the gas level has not reached the point of fire, alarm will go off to remind users. The effective rate of accident prevention is more than 90%.Usually everyone is working out of home, or go out for travelling, how to prevent accident when people is not at home?The gas alarm is connected to the solenoid valve. When gas leaks, the gas leak detector drives the solenoid valve to automatically close and cut off the gas source.Even if no one is at home, the security system will ensure the personal and property safety of you and your family at all times and avoid the disaster of fire and explosion caused by gas leakage.
Take natural gas as an example. When the concentration of natural gas in the air is within the range of 5% ~ 15%, it will mix with the air (or oxygen) evenly. At this time, if it encounters a small flame or friction, it will explode.Other types of gases have different explosion minimum valve. If the gas alarm is connected with solenoid valve, once it detects that the gas concentration in the air reaches 5%LEL (explosion limit) or above, the gas alarm will send signals to the connected solenoid valve and drive it to work and turn off the gas source.
Because the solenoid valve is driven to work by the gas detector, if the detector installation position is not correct, it will cause a false alarm, and indirectly lead to the wrong solenoid valve work.So the installation position of the detector must be correct. It should be installed at different position according to the gas to be detected. After the correct installation, you can press the alarm test button to check whether the alarm is running normally.The schematic diagram of proper installation of the gas alarm is shown as follows:

Gas leakage shut off valve can be divided into manipulator and solenoid valve. According to the use of object manipulator can be divided into pipe manipulator and cylinder manipulator. Solenoid valve can be divided into pipe solenoid valve and hose solenoid valve.

Pipeline manipulator is relatively easy to install, just install it in the gas pipeline valve switch.When receiving the signal from the gas alarm, the manipulator will automatically close the gas pipeline valve switch.

The cylinder manipulator is used for cylinder liquefied gas, which is installed between the cylinder and the pressure reducing valve. When receiving the signal from the gas alarm, the manipulator will automatically block the gas output channel to prevent the gas from being output again.

Pipeline solenoid valve is installed in gas pipeline. The pipeline between the gas meter and the pipeline inlet should be cut off and install the solenoid valve (this is a professional operation, must be installed by professionals of gas company, otherwise accident consequences may be caused). When receiving the gas alarm signal, the solenoid valve internal slider will slide down to block passage of gas, when disarmed, need to manually upward reset button, to restore the normal use of fuel gas.

Hose solenoid valve can be used for the hose of liquefied gas tank or hose gas pipe, used for liquefied gas bottle. Solenoid valve is installed between the pressure relief valve and hose, different from the pipe solenoid valve is the former has straight valve, hose solenoid valve has a head for the pointed nozzle valve, and the same principle of work as the pipe solenoid valve.
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