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How to choose Motion Sensors from technology views
Source: Vedard Security Tech.
According to technologies used on a motion sensor, there are some types of motion sensors.

The basic one is infrared detector(PIR). It uses FRESNEL lens to sense body movement.

The second type detector is used infrared and microwave(MW) technologies. It used Doppler Radar theory to make MW frequency 10.525GHz sensor added to infrared motion sensor. MW detection will not be influenced by temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, sunshine etc. It will anti-RF interference, and it output low power with harmless for human body.

The third type detector is used infrared, MW and artificial intelligent (AI) technologies. The AI technology means MCU( micro-control unit ) processing analysis. The AI technologies include automatic pulses adjustment, random dynamic time division processing and analysis etc.

The multiple technologies used for the detector can help to avoid false alarm. And it will help to anti-cloak, anti-pet etc.

We need to choose suitable motion sensor for different defense area.
If the defense area is in front of the windows or with much interference such as moving object etc. , we should choose multiple technologies motion sensor. Otherwise, we can choose single technology sensor such as PIR.
For home and small business intruder alarm system, we always set defense area at gate, window, balcony and important areas indoor. According to installation way and defense way, we have to clarify and choose suitable one from numerous ones.

There are some ways of installation such as ceiling mounted, wall mounted, entry direction identified etc.
The Motion Sensor is required to be installed properly. Such as installation height, place is required to be suit for product installation requirement. Otherwise, the effect of working sensitivity and reliability, stability will be influenced.
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