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Intelligent optical fiber perimeter security system
perimeter security project requirement:
The security project requires to provide a perimeter alarm system for a perimeter fence (hanging net) or isolation belt (buried) to prevent outside illegal intrusion in 24 hours. The security project requires that once illegal person attempts to break over the wall and enter into inside, the detection unit laid on the spot can immediately sense the intrusion signal, and transmit the intrusion signal to the alarm host in the security service room. The alarm host will analyze and process the received signal and trigger linked sound and light alarm. The alarm host can output the switching signal to the hard disk video recorder and take intrusion picture as record.
Intelligent optical fiber perimeter security system is a security alarm system constructed by high-tech technologies such as laser, optical fiber sensing and optical communication. It is a modern defense system for monitoring and alarming for public security emergencies threatening . It is a new system based on optical fiber sensing technology applied to perimeter monitoring and protection.
Ordinary optical cable is used as a sensor and transmission media as well to sense and transmit all kinds of disturbances to the alarm panel through direct contact with the optical cable or through the carrier, such as soil cover, wire mesh, fence, etc. The system collects disturbance data and judges external disturbances through intelligent analysis and processing at alarm panel. So the system will realize early and real-time warning or real-time warning of intrusion detection. The threats in the periphery of the fortified area and in the core area of the fortified area will be found and treated immediately.
The intelligent optical fiber perimeter security system has the following advantages:
1.The sensor components in the defense area are all optical cables without energy supply. Just 220VAC 25W power supply is needed for the alarm control panel installed in the monitoring room. The whole system has no other energy consumption, and the whole defense area does not need power supply.
2.Optical fibers and cables have stable performance, corrosion resistance and can be long-term used in humid climatic environment, even underwater and other environments.
3.The system uses optical fiber for transmission and detection, which has features of good anti-detection, anti-interference and anti-lightning strike. It can be used at electrostatic field with electromagnetic, radio frequency, wireless signal without interference.
4.All types intrusion action such as climbing, cutting and crossing of perimeter walls and fences will be detected. It can be used as buried intrusion monitoring around roadbed. It can be used to monitor rock falling, slope sliding and collapse in mountain.
5.Each defense area of the system can set monitoring parameters independently. It has good adaptability to various climatic conditions such as wind, frost, rain and snow. No interference from high temperature or strong sunshine, false alarm is largely reduced.
Optical cable vibration monitoring and alarm system OVSS consists of central control system and detection system.
The central control system is placed in the central control room, including the monitoring and management terminal (including PC computer, the management software of the optical cable vibration sensing and security system), alarm display screen, vibration detection equipment SI100 (including power supply unit, control unit, vibration detection unit), wiring rack and other optical circuit accessories (such as jumper, flange, optical cable terminal box, etc.).
The detection system is composed of optical feedback box, transmission cable and sensing cable.
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