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The three elements of Security Precaution
Home Security precautions include human precaution, physical precaution and technical precaution.
Human precautions include closing doors and windows, keeping house keys and door codes well, leaving valuables in a safe place before leaving your home, and personnel patrolling etc.
Physical precautions include strengthening doors and Windows, adding protective railings, fences, and locks.
Technical prevention means detection and early warning through the assistance of advanced science and technology such as sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology. Technical security precautions include installation of anti-theft intrusion alarm system, video monitoring system and access control system.
The anti-theft invasion alarm system is equipped with three layers of defense on the outer wall, the doors and Windows of the outdoor courtyard corridor and the indoor space. Indoor and outdoor alarms are with different alarm technologies, such as active infrared alarm, passive infrared alarm, microwave alarm, dual technology alarm, cable alarm, laser alarm, etc.
The three basic elements of security prevention are detection, delay and response. Detection means to perceive the occurrence of explicit and implicit risk events and send out an alarm. Delay refers to the process of prolongs and postpones the occurrence of risk events. Response refers to the rapid action taken by the organization to prevent the occurrence of a risk event.

Three means of security prevention work on these three elements. The technical security system can give early warning in time, prevent effectively and dispose quickly. The digital security alarm system can accurately inform the alarm location and alarm type and send alarm information to the mobile phone and alarm center of the security personnel. The alarm system in conjunction with the smoke generator can make the scene of the crime shrouded in smoke, delaying the crime.
Taking home safety measures is the most effective way to prevent fire and burglary injuries. Intelligent and easy to operate technical safety protection equipment is a necessary appliance for home life. There are many kinds of family security alarm systems, some of them are combined with household appliances such as audio equipment, which are convenient to use. Home users can choose suitable security protection system according to their needs. At-home users can opt for a driveway alarm doorbell. Users who are not at home can choose to remotely monitor the APP alarm host.
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