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Can solar beam be used at gas station or oil depots
As we know, mobile phones and other wireless electronic devices are generally prohibited in flammable and explosive dangerous places such as oil depots or gas filling stations. Because gasoline is a volatile substance, oil and gas tanks and natural gas pipelines may leak and form a combustible gas danger zone, the radio frequency spark generated by mobile phones is easy to cause explosions, leading to disasters. Is there also a risk of explosion if wireless electronic alarms are installed at the perimeter of such places?
Flammable and explosive places such as oil depots or gas filling stations must avoid the connection of conductive cables, so as to avoid the generation of strong electricity or electrostatic sparks. Solar Wireless Intrusion Detector Infrared beam is designed according to industrial and commercial security standards. It can be used at gas station or oil depots cause of following features.

1.The waterproof and dust-proof grade of the whole wireless anti-theft equipment is IP66. All metal conductors and electronic components are sealed inside the cavity, which can fully prevent the contact between the combustible gas and dust outside the shell and the internal electronic components.
2.The signal transmission frequency band of all wireless anti-theft equipment belongs to the legal civil frequency 433MHz. The wireless communication module (433MHz band) is safe and reliable.
3.Low amount of wireless radiation, minimal impact on the safety of the surrounding environment. Due to the independent power supply mode, the all-wireless anti-theft equipment has been fully considered in the design of energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption and wireless transmission frequency.Therefore, the wireless signal intensity of the device is zero when it is in standby state. Only when detecting illegal intrusion alarm, it will send a trace of wireless signal (the signal radiation intensity is less than 1/10000 of mobile communication equipment), instead of sending wireless signal in real time, which effectively reduces the radiation amount.
4.All-wireless anti-theft equipment solar beam is installed in the perimeter of the place, which is outside the safety red line, so as to avoid close contact with high-density combustible gas, dust and so on, and it is safe.
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