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How to avoid CO carbon monoxide poisoning
Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious damage to the brain tissue. Even if cured, it may remain a sequela of central nerve injury.

How to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning?

We need to know at what situations the carbon monoxide may produced.

Coal burning
Coal burning is used for heating or cooking. If the coal is not completely burning, it will being producing amount of carbon monoxide. If the room is closed or unventilated, carbon monoxide poisoning occurs.

Combustible gas water heatercarbon monoxide alarm
Combustible gas is used for water heater for some homes. If the gas water heater is installed in bathroom and with door and window closed, the gathered carbon monoxide will cause poisoning. So, it is better not installing gas water heater in bathroom.

Stay or sleep in vehicle with air conditioner turning on
When the running speed of the vehicle engine is slow, the gasoline is not burning completely and will produce amount of carbon monoxide. The produced carbon monoxide will blow into the car through air conditioner.

What symptoms are carbon monoxide poisoning?

Slight headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea is symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning.

Frontal headaches, flush on face, very red lips, much sweat, fast heart rate, restless and entering into coma. That is the symptoms of moderate poisoning.

Dizziness, nausea and convulsions, unconsciousness, body temperature rising. That is the symptoms of severe carbon monoxide poisoning.

What should we do if someone has carbon monoxide poisoning?Help CO poisoning patient

Cause carbon monoxide poisoning will injure brain tissue and the poisoned person can not move or ask for help by himself.

If carbon monoxide poisoned person is found, the helper should creep to the scene and open door and windows quickly. Move the poisoned person to a ventilated and warm place and keep him or her lying.

For patients who are unconscious, the head may be tilted to one side to prevent the vomit from being sucked into the lungs causing suffocation.

Call an ambulance and send the patient to a hospital with a hyperbaric oxygen tank.

How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

For the resident who uses coal to keep warm, the chimney should be installed in the room where fireplace is in.

Open door or windows when coal oven is used for cooking or heating.

Do not install gas water heater in bathroom. It should be installed outdoor or near the windows of room neighbor bathroom.

Do not sleep or stay in vehicle with door and windows closed. Should timely open window for ventilation when air conditioner is turning on for long distance driving.

Install Carbon Monoxide AlarmCarbon monoxide detector

CO Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a security detector for sensing CO and triggering sound and light alarm if the monitored carbon monoxide density reaches to set value. It can be easy installed with AC power supply or connected to home security system. Where should we install the carbon monoxide alarm? If your bedroom hallway is longer than 40 feet, install a CO alarm at both ends of the hallway. Install at least one CO alarm near or within each separate sleeping area. For added protection, install an additional CO alarm at least 20 feet (6 meters) away from the fireplace, furnance or fuel burning heat source. More about fire and security alarm technology at
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