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Photoelectric Beam Detection System Solution
The photoelectric beam detector consists of aiming holes, beam intensity indicator, spherical lens, LED indicator and so on. The IR LED will send invisible light to long distance receiver. The beam will spread to form a conical beam. IR LED continues sending more than 1000 beams every second, so it is pulse photoelectric beams. But the beams can not send to very long distance such as more than 600m.

Photoelectric beam detection system works as breaking alarm system for protected area. It is usually used for outdoor wall or fence breaking alert. When someone gets through the invisible light wall, the received signal of beams changed. The changed signal will be amplified and proceed with intelligent analysis technology, then alarm triggered with detailed information such as fault, breaking etc.
Suitable response time or sensitivity is important for accurate alarm. If the response time is too short, it may cause false alarm such as bird flying, falling leaves, pet getting through. If the response time is too long, it may cause missing alarm. Generally, 10m/s is used as blocking time unit. For example, if the width of body is 20cm, then the shortest blocking time is 20ms. When blocking time is more than 20ms, it triggers alarm, otherwise, it does not trigger alarm.
There are 2 beams, 3 beams, 4 beams of photoelectric beam detectors. The detection distance is from 30m to 250m. 6 beams and 8 beams are available as well for some industry application.

Advantages of photoelectric beam detection system:
1.It has built-in strong light filter, can resist light interference of 50,000LUX
2.Unique optical design: photoelectric beam can penetrate multiple layers glass, with anti-environmental capacity.
3.Sealed design for resistance of rain, dust, insects, so that it can work in harsh environments.
4.Precise calibration with LED indicator.
5.With multiple ranges of detection distance.
6.Lightning protection circuit design.
7.It has tamper resistant capacity and Self-diagnosis function. System fault or non-working status
will be reported to security service center by alarm communicator.
8.It can protect large area lands with one pair beam detector and without dead corner. Intruders can not get through the beam detection system by skipping, creeping or any ways.
Cautions of using photoelectric beam detection systems:
1.To guarantee accurate alarm at any environment (avoid extreme weather condition interference), the practical detection distance should be calculated as 70% of theoretical detection distance.
2.To avoid dead corner of detection area, the multiple photoelectric beam detectors should be used and cross installed.
3.The correct installation ways, locations and angles is required to avoid false alarm by pet or other objects.
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