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Professional Security System installation standards
The Security System Installation is technical task. Always the trained electronic engineers, alarm system installers are responsible for the work. There are detailed standards for reference from electronic security association, security industry alarm coalition and so on. In some countries, only licensed security system installers can do the work. Anyway, it is better to get some knowledge of security system installation and DIY home security or offer security service at professional way.

Indoor wiring technology

The indoor wiring should be safe and reliable. The wiring layout should be reasonable. The wiring should be neatly arranged and the installation is secured. Specified requirement is as below:

Wire requirement: The wire rated voltage should be greater than working voltage. The wire insulation should be consistent with the installation method and environment. Wire cross-sectional area should be able to meet the power supply and mechanical strength requirements.

Wiring requirement: Avoid using connector for wiring, if it can not be avoided, then the connector must be crimped or soldered. The wire connections and branches should not be subjected to mechanical forces.

The wiring in building should keep horizontal or vertical. Protection casing should be added for the wiring (Plastic or pipes, according to the technical requirements of indoor wiring optional). Metal hose can be used for wiring under ceiling, but it should be fixed and safe.

Signal wire and power wire can not be in the same tube. It is best not putting them in parallel. If have to put them in parallel, then there should be more than 50CM distance between each other.

The AC power wire of the alarm control box should not be put in the same pipe of signal or DC power wires. It should be wired separately. The installation of the AC power wire should comply with the electrical installation standard.

The wiring from the alarm control box to the ceiling should buried in the wall with casing or with hot iron pipes. So as to improve anti-sabotage performance of the anti-theft security system.power supply for security system

Indoor piping technical requirements

There are two types indoor piping: outfit and concealed. Outfit piping requires horizontal or vertical, neatly arranged. Concealed piping requirements pipeline short, smooth and with less elbows.

Choosing pipeline according to the design drawing. If there is no specified requirement, then calculate the total area of the traversed wire (with skin), it should not be more than 70% of the inner hole cross-sectional area of the pipeline to be selected.

In order to facilitate the threading and maintenance of the pipe, when the pipe length exceeds the following values, the junction box or cable box should be added in the middle of the tube for easy threading.

(1) No bending, add at length of 40 meters.

(2) With a bend, add at length of 25 meters.

(3) With two bends, add at length of 15 meters.

(4)With three bends, add at length of 10 meters

Fixing the pipeline: Fixed clamps should be added at corner of the pipeline or every 1.5 meters of the straight pipeline.

The pipeline bending radius should be consistent with the provisions of the the traversed wire bending radius. Pipelines with trachoma, cracks and large deformations are forbidden to be used in wiring works. Casing or buckle should be added for pipelines’ connection.

For vertical laying pipeline, fixed threading junction box should be added every 10-20 meters according to the size of the cross-section of the wire. The thicker the wire, the shorter the distance. Then use insulated wire clip to fix the wire in the box.

For vertical nozzle without putting into the box, it should be sealed after threading of the wire.

Terminal box or junction box should be fixed with not less than three screws. Screw adapters should be added for connections of connection box and pipe. Terminal box and Junction box should be covered with case. Sub-line box should be added at branches of pipelines.

Installation of IR detectors

IR detectors or Motion sensors should be installed according to the manual. It should has 24 hours tamper-resistance function. It should not be installed at places where the mouse or other small animals can reach. The motion sensors should be installed at strong and not easy to vibrate wall and fixed with 2-3 screws. There should not be with obstacle at its detection area.Motion Sensor installation

Installation of Magnetic switch

Magnetic switch should be installed firmly and neatly. It is best to be embedded in door to avoid destroy. The distance between the fixed component and the movable component of the magnetic switch should be less than the following values.

Less than 5mm for wooden door and iron door magnetic contact
Less than 20mm for rolling door magnetic contact
Installation requirement for Control Box

The security system control box should be installed according to manual.

Not less than 3 screws should be used to fix the security system box. It should be installed at hidden place to avoid destroy. The security system should be operated by remote keypad. The keypad should be installed far from the security system box and with tamper-resistant function, protected by magnetic switch. The keypad should be with password and with function of triggering alarm after 3 times wrong passwords input.

The security system box is with tamper-resistant function.

AC power supply for the security system box should not with switch. If switch has to be used, then it should be put inside the security system box. Security system box AC power supply wire should be threaded into tube independently without signal wire or other wires together.

The wiring from security system box to the ceiling should be protected by iron tube and double nut is used to connect the control box and iron tube.

Power supply box should be installed higher than 2 meter above the ground and installed firmly, secured.

We will provide detailed security system technical document such as installation manual, data sheet and security system instruction. We offer free security solution for your specified requirement.
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