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How to minimize latency of monitoring systems
The transport latency of real time wireless security monitor system will make video playing stop and delay. So, smooth transport is important for high security monitor CCTV system. A complete CCTV monitor system consists of many parts and all these parts may cause latency of the system.

How to minimize latency of wireless security CCTV monitor systems?

Firstly, choose good quality CCTV devices with good CPU processing ability with high speed to reduce latency. Choose high quality coders decoders that match each other to facilitate video data transmission and reduce latency.

Secondly, choose good quality network cable or video connection intermediate cable to the front camera and back end monitoring center equipment.

Thirdly, when designing the circuit, you can try to reduce the number of transit and install at feasible height. Otherwise, the more number of transit, the more latency will be caused.

Fourthly, in the preliminary design of the project, it is necessary to calculate the maximum value of data to be transmitted. To avoid the possibility of packet loss in data transmission, it is recommended to choose the appropriate and high-quality surveillance switch device.
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