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Upgrade of PSTN network alarm service center
Network alarm system is a variety of transmission channels to transmit protection areas’ information to security service center quickly and accurately, so that the police officers can dispose all kinds of unexpected events in time. So, transmission technology is important part of the network alarm system. There are several transmission technology used nowadays.
1.PSTN telephone line transmission
2.Bus-line transmission
3.Power-line transmission
4.Wireless transmission
PSTN telephone-line transmission is the popular one of network alarm system. But with development of digital technology and video evidence requirement, upgrade of PSTN network alarm system is necessary.
According to the actual needs of most market environment and features of some brands wired alarm system such as Honeywell, Bosch, DSC, Focus, we have 4 system upgrade proposals. These proposals are based on principles of exist security system unchanged and upgrade the system to a efficient, practical, cost-effective security system via adding auxiliary equipment.
1. Telephone alarm network system upgrade to fiber + MODEM network alarm network system;
2. Telephone alarm network system upgrade to GPRS \ PSTN \ TCP / IP multi-network alarm video networking system;
3. Telephone alarm network system upgrade to video alarm network system;
4, Video network system (CCTV) upgrade to video alarm network system.
Please check attachment for diagram and details of the upgrade and contact us in case you have any question.
upgrade of PSTN network alarm system.pdf
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