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Precautions for use of fire alarm facilities after flood
Fire alarm equipment is electronic equipment, water intake, flooding is serious harm to it. Therefore, prevent water from entering when installing fire extinguishing equipment. But during storms, typhoons, the fire alarm system can also be flooded. What should we do with the fire alarm facilities after flood?
1.Firstly we should disconnect the power supply as early as possible. Then disassemble the main machine to check the circuit board (CPU board, loop board, host keyboard board, multi-wire board, bus board, circuit board). If the circuit board is obviously burnt, it should be returned to the manufacturer for repair. Otherwise check whether there is water condensation on the circuit board, if there is, then need to air the circuit board or air dry circuit board.
The backup battery and switching power supply maybe badly damaged by flooding because they were placed at the bottom of the main machine. Should disconnect the backup power supply immediately after the host is flooded. The backup battery should be replaced with a new one. Ensure that there is no condensation inside the switching power supply then starting the test. First, remove the external circuit and then measure the power on separately to ensure that the output voltage of the switching power supply is normal. At the same time, perform the aging test.
3.Smoke and heat detectors are generally installed on the top of the building, manual call point, fire hydrant and floors display are generally installed at 1.5 meters away from the ground, and sound and light are installed at 2 meters from the ground. In the production of fire alarm equipment, the circuit board will be dipped in wax process, so a short time of water and timely treatment will not cause direct damage to the circuit board, but long-term immersion will also lead to rust and corrosion damage of the circuit board, you need to contact professional technical personnel for troubleshooting.
4.Remove all external lines when starting the host and measure the external lines after the host runs stably. Check whether the circuit (return route, 24V power cable, broadcast cable, telephone line, and network cable) is short-circuited, grounded, or connected to strong current. Measure resistance between lines (minimum 30K ohms), resistance to ground (no less than 20 ohms). After the above measurement, the line is connected to the corresponding circuit of the host to check the operation of the equipment on site.
After the flood fire equipment must be used after professional investigation, otherwise, once a fire, can not be used normally, the consequences are quite serious. Fire protection equipment installed in the basement should pay special attention to flood protection.
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