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Integration of security system
Security System Integration is based on big data, oriented to information Integration, with good stability. The integration platform should be able to completely realize the functional integration, network integration, interface integration. It will integrate and process the system of alarm, access control, video surveillance, patrolling, fire control, environmental monitoring, intercom, etc all kinds of information resources. The networking equipment, users, network, security, business should be comprehensive managed, and it provides the business with a third party system and other application platform interface. It realizes the resource sharing between different systems and information integration, has high efficiency and convenient for the user by providing intelligence, stability, security management.
Large and medium-sized security projects have to be managed in different ways due to different procurement periods and different product brands of different categories, which makes the security management personnel do not know how to issue the corresponding instructions when the incident occurs.As a result, the slow response rate of events is often the main cause of user complaints and a source of pain for managers.
Therefore, a management platform can completely solve the management of different security control equipment, and can operate on a single integrated management interface, which has become the fervent expectation of many security control managers.
OnVIF is a unified network camera image transmission protocol. In May 2013, OnVIF officially launched the common Control standard of Access Control system, OnVIF Door Control Service and OnVIF Access Control Service, which officially began to enter various security Control fields besides image monitoring. The webcams, which the brands claim are compatible with OnVIF, are connected to NVR software or hardware, and sometimes only show images rather than advanced features such as PTZ. Worse, they don't even show pictures.
PSIA also formed an alliance of security control agreements in 2008. Which one will become the standard protocol? Who knows?

Multi-system integration software is such a platform, it built in a variety of brand security equipment communication protocol, also can automatically switch the specifications of each system, so that the same computer, and the communication, setting and management of multiple security equipment.For example, the coding problem of different card Numbers of access control can be automatically converted through the software function, so that the user as long as a time to read the card, can automatically issue the card to each access control machine, no matter the code inside and outside the code encryption once done, save a lot of trouble.
Different communication interfaces, such as RS-485 and Ethernet, can also be automatically communicated with each security control device by software through different communication interfaces on the management computer, thus completely eliminating the gap between Ethernet and serial communication interfaces and enabling unified management of all communication interface security control devices.
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