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Wireless fire alarm system
The traditional fire alarm system is complicated to install, program and maintain. For the fire alarm and evacuation, fire extinguishing needs of small hotels, small businesses, factories and others, people are looking for a more convenient fire alarm system.The adoption of wireless communication technology can greatly improve the installation and maintenance of fire alarm system.

Based on the traditional fire alarm system, wireless fire alarm system expands the remote monitoring function.
Wireless networked fire alarm system is a fire monitoring and early warning system composed of independent fire detection alarm related equipment and platform all or part through wireless communication connection.It is usually composed of independent type smoke detection alarm, independent type heat fire detection and alarm, home combustible gas detector, independent type of electrical fire monitoring detector, manual fire alarm button, relay device, sending and receiving device, sound and/or light fire alarm, fire hydrant and fire water system condition monitoring field devices, and home fire safety system, on-site terminal platform and remote management platform, all or part of it.
Anyway, the wireless network fire alarm system is not applicable to the production and storage sites of gunpowder, explosive, ammunition and incendiary products. It is mainly suitable for nursing homes, welfare homes, kindergartens, nurseries, boarding schools and other dormitories, dormitory fire monitoring and alarm. Wireless fire alarm system can also be easily applied to the transformation and increase of the original fire system.
Input/output module can be used to convert wireless alarm signal to any third party fire alarm control panel. Wireless fire alarm system (including smoke detector, heat detector, gas sensor, manual call point and alarm control panel etc.) can be set as part of other any type addressable fire alarm system as addition.

Through the use of wireless fire alarm system, people can get accurate fire information more quickly. Wireless fire alarm system is equipped with voice alarm, which helps to avoid people being unconscious to sound and light alarm. Wireless Internet fire alarm can send alarm signals to multiple users in multiple ways, including phone, SMS and APP.In this way, users can be ensured to receive the alarm information and prevent the fire in time. The wireless fire alarm system complies with national fire Safety codes. Comply with building design fire code.
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