Bosch video analytics for security and beyond Bosch video analytics for security and beyond
How electronic locks offer greater peace of mind Electronic locks are becoming more and more popular. Convenience certainly plays a big role, as they can be remotely managed and opened with smart devices. Yet they also offer gr...
5 questions to ask before selecting face recognition solution Obviously, the revolution in deep neural network-based algorithms for computer vision tasks, including face recognition, is changing the biometrics market today.
IoT security: What vendors, users should do Today, IoT security has become a hot topic. While more and more connected devices are online under the IoT framework, bringing automation and convenience, it has also introduced ...
VIVOTEK aims to become the eye in IoT Being a well-known IP video surveillance system provider, VIVOTEK sees abundant opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT) for IP video, an observation that played a big part ...
Vertical Solutions
The European sports betting specialist CASHPOINT installed print systems from Evolis in its Austrian betting offices, which generate coded ID customer cards in just a few moments. ...
Asia Corner
Indonesia’s economy came out of the gate strong in 2017. Aided by a more supportive global environment and improved domestic fundamentals, the country’s real GDP growth is projected to increase from 5.2 percent this year to 5.3 percent in 2018, according to the World Bank’s June ...
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