What happens if you underestimate the importance of access control systems? Even if the most state-of-the-art access control systems are installed in a building, it is not invincible to cyber security threats.
Is this the world’s only autonomous indoor security drone? Arctic Robotics, a Vantaa, Finland-based company offers a fully autonomous indoor drone platform for security and proactive monitoring, saving costs and increasing the quality of...
What to know when installing a secure access control system Cybersecurity has become a major issue facing security players these days as devices become more and more connected and networkable. Against this backdrop, Farpointe Data has pos...
Your drone can fly forever with this solution! Elistair, a Lyon, France-based company designs and manufactures tethered stations for drones, bringing increased safety, unlimited autonomy and high-speed data transfer to drone ...
How transmission can benefit from Li-Fi Wireless transmission of data is enabled with several technologies, for example cellular or Wi-Fi. But what if the visible light is used as a transmission medium?
The answer l...
Vertical Solutions
Zendesk was looking for a solution that would keep their sensitive corporate information secure. ...
Asia Corner
Among the nations of Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a rising star. According to World Bank, the country’s growth for this year is estimated to be 6.9 percent, same as last year and higher than neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. And the same bri...
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