From traffic to transit, deep learning-based surveillance is ready to takeover Key benefits of this development include increased efficiency, better compliance, reduced costs, ease of auditing and boost of public image, according to Calipsa, a UK-based star...
What to consider when installing a door entry system The technology behind a door entry system as well as the materials used are among the factors that should be considered. Ultimately, the installer should take into consideration ...
Preventing market abuse and disruptive trading using machine learning Rapid and accurate detection of prohibited market practices has become of paramount importance to all business in the financial industry.
Industry 4.0 boosting demand for drones that can operate without human intervention As the manufacturing segment cruises towards Industry 4.0 and manufacturing processes turn smarter, drones become an integral part of industrial inspections.
EMEA market: Moving beyond security Video and access control systems have long been used for security purposes. But more and more, end users are using security equipment for non-security applications, due to the am...
Vertical Solutions
The Champlain College Saint-Lambert is one of the three Champlain Regional College campuses that serve the English-speaking residents of Quebec, and is home to approximately 2,700 students. ...
Asia Corner
A good sign of Philippines’ security is it’s moving towards smarter technologies that help the end user prevent, mitigate or monitor an event or a threat. Law enforcement, for example, can benefit from body-worn cameras equipped with various advanced features as officers combat c...
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