How deep learning benefits the security industry Due to the widespread use of high-definition monitoring, the amount of data involved in security surveillance has increased dramatically in a short time.
Access control in different bank environments Bank environments are subject to all types of attacks; therefore, a strong access control system is a crucial part of a bank's overall security plan. Access control, however, doe...
What will it take to make smart buildings cyber secure? With the increasing popularity of smart buildings, there is a heightened need for ensuring cyber security.
Unmask ATM fraud with the right surveillance system ATMs are there for our convenience, yet they've also become a gateway for criminals to commit fraud. There are many ways to attack ATMs and the people using them. While physical ...
Cloud-based access control: advantages and what to consider Cloud computing creates many advantages, for example providing more reliability and saving the end user the upfront cost for setting up servers or storage devices. These benefits...
Vertical Solutions
COLTS decision-makers knew that having a state-of-the-art security system at its new intermodal facility would help protect the influx of passengers who visit the center from various locations in the United States, and ensure passenger safety in and around the terminal. ...
Asia Corner
The Vietnamese security market demonstrates full growth potential, due to increased spending by government and private sectors. But amidst these opportunities, challenges exist, and only those with the necessary solutions, skills and knowledge to solve customers’ needs can win ou...
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