Face recognition is for known threats. This technology detects the unknown! As terrorists and criminals increasingly mingle with the public, biometrics-based solutions like facial recognition become useless.
Add value to construction projects with home automation With the property market becoming more competitive, developers are seeking to add value to their projects. Home automation, which brings greater ease and convenience to home resi...
What do you do when Big Data becomes just too big to be captured? There is an urgent need for highly accurate and easily available field data that is reliable and relatively inexpensive to capture with minimal training.
Tips on setting up video in manufacturing facilities Manufacturing facilities pose a lot of challenges for video surveillance, and solutions for manufacturing facilities must cater to the end user's particular needs, said Arecont V...
Casinos generate tons of data. Now analytics makes sense of it all Solutions such as VizExplorer's give casino managers access to deep analytical insights and advanced math models, as well as tools and best practices to make the right business d...
Vertical Solutions
Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) is the largest company in Indonesia for the transportation and distribution of natural gas....
Asia Corner
Thailand's security solutions market is estimated at 3.5 billion baht (110 Million USD) and is expected to grow an additional 10-12 percent in 2018, fueled by the country’s mega projects to expand its transportation network and smart city development. In addition to surveillan...
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