2021 Winners Announced

The votes are in. We asked and you answered. Here are the results of our Readers’ Choice survey for top security brands in 2021.

Asmag.com reached out to its readers with a survey to identify the brands that industry channel players trust for their projects in 2021 and provide buyers with a reference for purchasing decisions in the coming year. This readers’ choice top brand survey reflects the views of 486 respondents who chose the winning brands in three main product categories and the features that placed them in these top spots.

Security product categories:
Video surveillance poll:
Brands from this country are still going strong
IP cameras are at the heart of video surveillance systems. To gain a better understanding of the market, asmag.com conducted a survey asking readers to select their top three IP camera brands in three categories: lowlight, panoramic and cybersecurity. The results show an overwhelming preference for Chinese brands.
Over the years, Chinese brands have had their share of negative press, due mostly to US allegations that they were engaged in illegal surveillance and other controversial activities. These notwithstanding, our poll shows
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Access control poll:
Users see this feature as most critical
Like video surveillance, access control is increasingly moving towards IP, and inevitably this triggers concerns for cyberattacks, which may entail hacking into IP-based readers/controllers, using them as an avenue for DoS attacks or intercepting communications between access control devices if not properly encrypted. These concerns, then, have prompted users to demand highly secure features in their access control solutions. asmag.com has confirmed this trend through our survey, which asked users to select their top brands in the following categories: access control management software, mobile solutions and wireless locks. In all categories, users rate security as a top consideration when choosing access control products. It is therefore incumbent on suppliers to meet this demand. Below we examine and analyze findings from the survey.
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Best VMS in retail:
Did Hikvision win despite recent concerns?
VMS solutions have become an integral part of video surveillance for retail, not just because they allow better management of hardware but also because of the analytics that they incorporate. Recent years have seen several companies offering top-quality VMS in the market. Asmag.com recently conducted a reader's poll to understand which among them suit different industries. This article presents retail industry customers' choices. Over ten popular VMS options were given to the candidates and asked to select those they preferred to work with, along with comments on what they liked/wanted from them.
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Best VMS in transport:
one brand wins by a huge margin
COVID-19 definitely hurt the transport industry, but as the world seems all set to emerge from the pandemic with vaccines and treatment, security solutions for transportation come into focus again. Several major VMS solution providers offer solutions for transportation customers. Asmag.com's readers' survey is an attempt to understand the customer preference for various brands in the transportation vertical. This survey has responses from systems integrators, distributors, consultants, and end users from across different regions.
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Best VMS for smart/safe cities:
a test of scale
Safe and smart cities have become popular terms these days. Governments worldwide are making huge investments into initiatives that can make many of their towns and cities smarter through the help of technology that can optimize operations, management, and improve safety and security infrastructures. VMS solution providers have also jumped on the bandwagon, promoting their products as an integral part of smart cities. With this survey, we try to understand which VMS brands are the most popular in this vertical.
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