The physical security industry is in the midst of significant transformations, characterized by enhanced accessibility and utilization of AI driven by technological breakthroughs. Simultaneously, global geopolitics are impacting the status quo and potentially creating new opportunities in the market.

Our latest Security 50 market report delves into these shifts from a market perspective and provides a review and overview of upcoming trends in the Asian, American, and European security markets. Additionally, our annual technology reader survey offers a unique viewpoint, uncovering the technologies recognized by industry players as having the most significant impact in the market, along with emerging trends.


Top 10 companies in video surveillance and access control
ZKTeco: Advancing biometrics, cloud and global growth

Global Market Review & Forecast

2023 North America market analysis
Advanced technologies are shaping the future where proactive strategies are becoming key
2023 Europe market analysis
Navigating threats, technology, regulations and growth opportunities in the region
Building security and automation: Preview and review
The building security and automation themes that marked 2023 and what to expect for 2024

2023 Market Research & Commentary

Memoori: Prevailing physical security trends in 2023
While the era of double-digit annual growth appears to be over, factors including AI related innovations, expanding provision and demand for more sophisticated analytics, the ongoing shift to IP cameras and improving camera resolution will continue drive market growth.
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Novaira Insights: Correction seen in global video surveillance market, due largely to China
A recent report by Novaira Insights cites a correction in the global video surveillance industry in 2022, due largely to a sharp decline in the Chinese market in the wake of COVID-related lockdown measures. The correction however is likely to be transient as China recovers.
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Security Technology Maturity and Suitability Index


Top 10 Companies in Physical Security

2022 Sales Revenue (in US$ Millions)
1 Hikvision 9,788.05
2 Dahua 4,541.66
3 Assa Abloy 3,580.11
4 Axis 1,571.97
5 Motorola 1,523.00
6 Allegion 850.69
7 Tiandy 805.85
8 Hanwha Vision 775.92
9 Uniview 761.96
10 Aiphone 401.75

Top 10 Revenue (2022-2021)

14 Chinese companies accounted for 60% of the total Security 50 revenue

Top 10 China Companies

Revenue Growth (2022-2021)
1 HIKVISION 9,788.0
2 DAHUA 4,541.7
3 TIANDY 805.8
4 UNIVIEW 762.0
5 ZKTECO 285.1
6 YTOT 274.3
7 INFINOVA 153.7
8 TVT 144.2
9 RAYSHARP 118.0
10 KEDACOM 115.5

Top Growth Companies

Revenue Growth (2022-2021)
2 VIVOTEK 82.5%
5 ALLEGION 41.3%
6 CP PLUS 39.3%
9 ASSA ABLOY 27.1%
10 NAPCO 25.9%


Top 10 Companies in Physical Security
2022 Sales Revenue (in US$ Millions)

Top 10 Revenue

14 Chinese companies accounted for 60% of the total Security 50 revenue

Top 10 China Companies
Revenue Growth (2022-2021)

Top Growth Companies
Revenue Growth (2022-2021)


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a&s Security 50 is our annual ranking of the 50 largest physical security equipment manufacturers in the world based on product sales revenue and profit. One of the most-read and long-running industry ranking, a&s Security 50 recognizes both global leaders and new market entrants, analyzing data listed in public or submitted financial reports for the 2022 fiscal year.

The ranking aims to reflect the dynamism and developments of the industry as it navigates an ever-changing business and technology landscape. We aim to present a snapshot of the industry and facilitate discussion on industry strategies, corporate management, R&D, business development and other important topics.

a&s Security 50 eligibility criteria:
  • Electronic security equipment and software systems providers, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, key component, and multiple product segments.
  • Security companies or pure manufacturers with their own products, systems, brands or solutions.
  • Distribution, systems integration, reselling, dealing, installation, guard service providers, information security, fire safety companies and other related revenues are excluded.
  • Ability to provide FY2022 and FY2023 financial statements, audited/endorsed by certified accountant or accounting firm.
  • Publicly-listed domestic or multinational companies as well as a small portion of privately-owned companies willing to share their certified annual reports. Their qualification will be carefully verified by the a&s editorial team, in terms of their brand awareness and market share.
Notes to the Financial Figures:
a&s bears no responsibility for the financial information provided by any individual company. For fair comparisons, non-US currencies were converted using midmarket exchange rates from yearly average currency exchange rates announced by Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the US tax collection agency and administers the Internal Revenue Code enacted by Congress. This is an unbiased list based on the willingness of participants to share their sales performance.
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