Digital transformation in security continued to advance in 2022. Investment in the right technology can transform security from being merely reactive to proactive, open up new applications and help organizations become more optimized, efficient and safe. This year, 323 channel players provided feedback on the maturity and suitability of technologies being used in the market today. With this, we identified the ones making an impact and those emerging in the video surveillance and access control space. The full survey results and discussion can be found here.
Ongoing and emerging trends
Mature and suitable: edge storage (3), edge analytics (4), hybrid-cloud architecture (5) and 5G wireless communication (6); Not as mature nor as suitable: digital twins (1) and augmented reality (2).
5G and edge computing are two technologies that work hand in hand, 5G (voted not mature last year) increases speed while edge computing reduces latency. Users want more processing on end devices, facilitated by advances in edge analytics and edge storage. Digital twins and augmented reality still have room to grow but their potential for optimizing security applications appear quite promising.
Access control
Mature and suitable: Multimodal biometrics (3), Mobile access control (4) and Multifactor authentication (5); Not as mature nor as suitable: cloud access control (2); Mature but not as suitable: Unimodal biometrics (1)
With smartphones always on hand and touchless authentication on the rise, mobile credentials have become increasingly mainstream, but readers feel cloud access control still has room to grow and mature. Multimodal and multifactor authentication trumped unimodal biometrics as users can benefit from better accuracy and speed. Click here for the full results of our access control tech survey.
Video Surveillance
Mature and suitable: Low light color cameras (4), AI video search for people/vehicles (5), bi-spectrum camera- thermal + visible light (3); Not so mature nor suitable: 8K resolution (1), cloud video surveillance (2)
Advances in low light color technology lead to their popularity over bi-spectrum cameras. AI video search for people/vehicles was voted the most mature and suitable out of all AI features. Cloud surveillance adoption is still slow but should pick up as it matures; while 8K may face issues with price and distribution. Click here for the full results of our video surveillance tech survey.

Our Survey

The tech trends reader survey was conducted by in October 2022 with 323 industry players worldwide providing their feedback. Our respondents mainly consisted of distributors (35%), system integrators/installers (27%), consultants (21%), end users (9%) and manufacturers (4%). Asia & Oceania was strongly represented (58%), followed by EMEA (26%), and Americas (16%).

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