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Dahua cloud network solution: All-in Cloud: Make Your Business Easier

Dahua cloud network solution: All-in Cloud: Make Your Business Easier
The solution leverages the powers of the cloud to help users set up, configure, maintain and secure their network more easily and efficiently.
In security, the cloud migration trend has become more noticeable than ever. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, has caught up with this trend by launching their cloud network solution, which leverages the powers of the cloud to help users set up, configure, maintain and secure their network more easily and efficiently. This article takes a closer look at the solution and how it helps Dahua achieve their vision of “All-in Cloud: Make Your Business Easier.”

Solution benefits

The solution, which employs a range of Dahua hardware and is powered by the DoLynk Care software, represents Dahua’s commitment to providing comprehensive cloud services. It addresses certain challenges associated with conventional network solutions, such as troublesome deployment requiring installers to carry heavy toolboxes and travel from site to site; complex configuration via web and command line interfaces; difficulty to monitor the networking status in real-time; and costly diagnostics, which incurs high costs for locating and fixing the problems. With Dahua’s cloud network solution, users get a platform that offers the following benefits: CCTV-IT network integration, quick deployment, efficient maintenance and security guarantee. Below we examine each in greater detail.

One network

A main advantage of Dahua’s cloud networking solution is the ability to combine the user’s video surveillance network and their IT network. This intelligent solution integrates all network products including network switch, wireless access point, enterprise router, and wireless bridge into the DoLynk Care, a cloud-based platform that can also manage IPC, PTZ, NVR, XVR, Alarm, Video intercom and other devices. This way, network deployment cost can be reduced, while maintenance efficiency can be significantly improved. It should also be noted that the solution allows universal compatibility – that is, it works with both Dahua devices such as IP cameras, NVRs and switches, as well as third-party devices, and product information can be displayed through topology mapping.

Quick deployment

The cloud network solution allows users to set up their network quickly and configure and manage the devices remotely via the cloud. Adding devices to the network can be done by way of scanning the QR code on the device; single/batch device import via the web is also possible. You can also scan the QR code of the Controller; it will connect all the discovered network devices to the cloud network. Once the devices are added, DoLynk Care automatically identifies the connected devices and generates the relevant topology. The solution also supports various configuration functions for the added devices such as device reboot, upgrade, backup, restore and more. Furthermore, the solution supports password-free jumping from the cloud to the device’s web interface so the user can operate the more advanced functions.

Efficient maintenance

Dahua’s cloud network solution also allows efficient maintenance, whereby device problems and failure can be detected and informed to the user in the quickest manner. The user can remotely view, via the DoLynk Care app, all devices in the topology and relevant information associated with them, for example connecting status, device name, download/upload speed, and IP and MAC address. They can remotely modify the configuration settings of the devices based on the graphical topology and camera live view. When an error occurs, the operator will be informed immediately via real-time alarms, which can display various alarm messages including: abnormal voltage, disk error, recording error, channel offline, and abnormal device temperature. Furthermore, the solution allows one-click health diagnosis, whereby all devices can be checked, and guidance on troubleshooting provided, with the click of a mouse. Finally, the solution offers a delivery and entrust mechanism: When the system is configured, installers can hand over device control to their end users; to regain access of the devices, installers can “apply for permissions” and will be able to monitor the site 24/7 as well as modify device settings.

Security guarantee

Finally, the solution addresses one of the most critical issues in video surveillance – that is, cybersecurity. The Dahua cloud network solution provides comprehensive security for devices, data and network, via the following: device security guard, where each device has a unique encryption key to access the user’s cloud world; data security guard, where TLS network communication security protocol encrypts data, and SHA256 provides a highly secure cryptographic hash algorithm, ensuring reliable protection against brute force attacks; and network security guard, which identifies and authenticates Internet users, enhancing network security and reliability.

Advantages for installers

The solution offers multiple benefits for installers, making their job easier and more efficient. “The solution helps installers set up their installation and manage device health status. The platform provides basic troubleshooting knowledge and device info and makes installers’work more efficient and valuable. In V2.0, DoLynk Care manages network devices in a dedicated module. Installers can easily get the network topology, IP address info, running speed and device status. These functions give them a panoramic view of the whole network construction and an easy access to change the settings via cloud,” said Kevin Chen, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.
Aside from increased work efficiency, the solution can also give the installer's business a boost. “They can save money from using remote management instead of local management. They can also make more money by providing entrusting service to customers,” Chen added.
Dahua’s cloud network solution currently provides many types of switches and wireless bridges and is suitable for typical surveillance scenarios including: retail stores, offices, hotels and campuses. The company is now planning to roll out the SMB and enterprise network solutions in August and will provide wireless AP/wireless AC/enterprise routers for IT networks.


Dahua’s cloud network solution marks the company’s continued effort to provide users with advanced cloud technology and services. With various cutting-edge features such as one-click health diagnosis, real-time alarms and secure delivery/entrusting of device control, the solution stands out compared to competing cloud network solutions in the market. In the midst of the cloud acceleration trend, Dahua is working towards the goal of “All-in Cloud: Make Your Business Easier.” Indeed, the cloud network solution does the job well.
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