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Cloud-based video analytics as a service of 2018

Cloud-based video analytics as a service of 2018

With improved technology providing more bandwidth and high-quality cameras collecting large amounts of data, cloud-based video analytics as a service (VAaaS) has become one of the latest trends in the...
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  • Implementing AI in video surveillance
    The number of cameras being installed at establishments is on the rise as customers become more and more aware of the necessity and benefits of security solutions. Fortunately, the arrival of artificial intelligence is changing the whole scene now.
  • How IIoT enables an as-a-service business model
    Needless to say, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 brings various benefits to manufacturers who can leverage connected devices and the data they generate to increase efficiency. What's more, IIoT can enable an as-a-service business model that helps drive revenue for solution p...
  • How student tracking helps school administrators and drivers
    Student tracking helps parents know where their child is while on the school bus; however, the technology also largely benefits school administrators and drivers.
  • From pick up to drop off — student tracking provides peace of mind
    Student tracking solutions for school buses are allowing both parents and school administrators to keep track of students during their bus journey to and from school.
  • OSSA to push OS, app store for cameras
    Top security companies, including Bosch, Pelco, Milestone, Hanwha Techwin and VIVOTEK, have founded the Open Security and Safety Alliance whose mission is to develop an OS upon which apps can be downloaded to enhance cameras.
  • Challenges to school bus safety and security
    There are many new and innovative technologies on the market today that are being deploying on buses to increase safety and security in and around the bus.
  • What you need to know to succeed in the Indian market
    The Indian customer has evolved quite a bit over the recent years, so much so that international security companies find the place more and more attractive. But there are still fears about the whole idea of entering the Indian market as it’s massive, diverse and, to a very large extent, fragmented.
  • How technology is making school buses safer
    Ensuring the safety of the millions of children that ride school buses daily is a top priority. New and more advanced technologies are helping school districts protect students both on and off the bus.
  • On why the ban of Chinese products cannot be justified
    The recent security concerns about Chinese products raised by the American government have left the industry divided in terms of opinion.
  • Smart manufacturing technology and how it benefits factories
    Smart manufacturing technology is gaining rapid market acceptance due to its various benefits, including increased productivity and reduced cost.