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Exploring Shenzhen brand at Secutech India

Exploring Shenzhen brand at Secutech India

Secutech India is proud to announce the first collaboration with the Shenzhen city government to bring the Shenzhen Pavilion to the show this year....
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  • Should you choose on-premises or cloud-based access control?
    A frequently asked question by access control users is whether to go for a cloud-based or on-premises system. There are pros and cons for each, and it all depends on the user’s own requirements.
  • The case against buying a cheap security system
    With security cameras getting cheaper and cheaper, it’s tempting for end users to buy such cameras or systems for their homes or business to save money. However, in the long run, the disadvantages of getting these cameras will outweigh the benefits.
  • Why choose an open-platform parking solution?
    Needless to say, providing a superior parking experience has become a key differentiator for operators, many of whom have multiple lots to manage. In this regard, they can be helped with open-platform parking solutions.
  • How analytics help improve mall performance
    More and more, malls rely on security equipment not just for loss prevention or other security applications, but for the purposes of business intelligence and generating more revenue. In this regard, analytics plays a crucial part.
  • Join the cutting-edge names of the security industry at IFSEC 2019
    IFSEC International is Europe’s largest and most influential integrated security event. It’s the only place to experience over 10,000 security products under one roof, showcased over three days.
  • What are common IoT security issues and their solutions?
    With the proliferation of connected devices under IoT, cybersecurity risks have also increased. Making devices secure against IoT security issues therefore will become a key differentiator for manufacturers.
  • Four major shows to inaugurate Smart City Solutions Week in Thailand
    As one of ASEAN's leading business destinations for smart city solutions, Messe Frankfurt in collaboration with Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) will host the inaugural Smart City Solutions Week in Thailand from 28-31 October 2019.
  • The Open Security & Safety Alliance propels into 2019
    The newly established Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA or 'the Alliance') announced that since its formation in Fall 2018, the organization has grown by 50% and initiatives are in full-swing.
  • How do professional IP cameras compare with consumer ones?
    When purchasing a security system, price is always a deciding factor for the user, who may be tempted to get less expensive consumer-grade IP cameras for their organization. At times like these, it's better to think twice by considering the differences between consumer and professional camera system...
  • How ITS can benefit from 5G
    More and more, intelligent transport systems (ITS) have received greater awareness and attention. In this regard, 5G or fifth-generation mobile communications, can come in handy to improve ITS.