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Automatic fire alarm system consists of fire detection and alarm system, fire linkage control system, combustible gas detection and alarm system and electrical fire monitoring system.
1.Fire detection and alarm system
It includes fire alarm control panel, alarm trigger device and alarm sound light device. Fire detection and alarm system is the most basic building fire protection system that can timely and accurately detect the initial fire of the protected object and make alarm response, so that the personnel in the building have enough time to evacuate to the safe zone before the fire has developed and spread to endanger life safety.
(1)Alarm trigger device
In the automatic fire alarm system, the device that generates fire alarm signal automatically or manually is called trigger device, which mainly includes fire detector and manual fire call point. Fire detector is a device that can respond to fire parameters (such as smoke, temperature, flame radiation, gas concentration, etc.) and generate fire alarm signal automatically. The manual fire call point is a device for manually generating fire alarm signal and starting automatic fire alarm system.
(2)Fire alarm control panel
In the automatic fire alarm system, the control indicating equipment used for receiving, displaying and transmitting fire alarm signals. It sends control signals and have other auxiliary functions. Fire alarm control panel is the most basic one of the control indicating equipment. The fire alarm control panel is responsible for providing stable power supply for the fire detector. It monitors the working state of the detector and the system itself; It receives, converts and processes alarm signals from fire detectors and makes sound and light alarm; It indicates the specific position and time of alarm; At the same time it carries out corresponding auxiliary control and many other tasks.
(3)Fire alarm device
In the automatic fire alarm system, the device used to send fire alarm signals which are different from ambient sound and light is called fire alarm device. It sends out fire alarm signal of sound and light to warn people to take safety evacuation quickly and carry out fire fighting and disaster relief measures.
(4)Power supply
The automatic fire alarmsystem belongs to the electrical equipment for fire fighting. The main power supply shall be fire fighting power supply, and the backup power supply may be battery.The system power supply not only supplies power to the fire alarm controller, but also supplies power to other fire control equipment related to the system.
2.Fire linkage control system
Fire linkage control system is composed of fire linkage controller, fire control room graphic display device, fire electrical control device (fire shutter controller, gas fire controller, etc.), fire electric device, fire linkage module, fire hydrant button, fire emergency broadcast equipment, fire telephone and other equipment and components. In case of fire, the linkage controller will accurately send linkage control signals to fire pump, spray pump, fire door, fire valve, smoke valve and ventilation and other fire fighting equipment to complete the control functions of fire fighting system, evacuation indication system, smoke control system, fire rolling curtain and other fire-fighting related equipment. When the fire fighting equipment ACTS, the action signal will be feed back to the fire control room and displayed, so as to realize the state monitoring function of the building fire fighting facilities, that is, the function of receiving fire information or other information trigger and input from the fire fighting linkage field equipment and other systems other than the automatic fire alarm system.
(1)Fire linkage controller
The fire linkage controller is the core component of the fire linkage control system.By receiving the fire alarm information from the fire alarm controller, it carries out linkage control of the automatic fire control system (facilities) in the building according to the preset logic.The fire linkage controller can send the control signal directly and control the controlled equipment on site through the driving device.For the situation that the control logic is complicated and it is inconvenient to realize direct control on the fire linkage controller, the controlled equipment can be controlled indirectly through the fire electrical control device (such as fire shutter controller, gas fire controller, etc.), and the feedback signal of the action of the automatic fire control system (facilities) can be received at the same time.
(2)Graphic display in fire control room
Fire control room graphic display device used to receive and display the operation and fire fighting management information in protection area of fire detection alarm and linkage control system, fire hydrant system, automatic fire extinguishing system and smoke exhaust system, fire door and shutter system, elevator, fire control power supply, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating system, fire control communication and other kinds of fire control system and the system of dynamic information of all kinds of fire fighting equipment (facilities) operation and fire fighting management information, at the same time it also has the function of information transmission and recording.
(3)Electrical fire control device
Electrical fire control device is used to control all kinds of electrical equipment for fire fighting. It usually works by manual or automatic way to control all kinds of fire pump, smoke exhaust fan, electric fire doors, electric fire window, fire shutter, electric valve and other kinds of electric control device of fire control facilities and double the power switch device, and feedback the corresponding equipment working state to fire linkage controller for display.
(4)Fire electric device
The function of fire electric device is the electrical drive or release of electric fire control facilities. It is the electric drive or release device of electric fire control facilities, including electric fire doors and Windows, electric fire control valve, electric smoke control and exhaust valve, gas driver and so on.
(5)Fire linkage module
The fire linkage module is the equipment used for signal transmission between the fire linkage controller and the controlled equipment or components connected to it, including input module, output module and input & output module.The function of the input module is to receive the signal feedback of the controlled equipment or parts and input the signal to the fire linkage controller for display; the function of the output module is to receive the output signal of the fire linkage controller and send it to the controlled equipment or parts; the input & output module has the functions of both input module and output module.
(6)Hydrant button
The hydrant button is the control button that manually activates the hydrant system.
(7)Fire emergency broadcasting equipment
Fire emergency broadcasting equipment consists of the control and indicating device, audio power amplifiers, microphone, speakers, radio distribution equipment, power supply unit and other components. When the fire or accident occurs, it will control the power amplifier and speaker of emergency broadcast equipment. Its main function is to report to the fire field personnel and command and guide the evacuation.
(8)Fire telephone
Fire telephone is a telephone system used to communicate between the fire control room and various parts in the building.It is composed of fire telephone switchboard, fire telephone extension and fire telephone jack.The fire telephone is a special independent system separated from the ordinary telephone, which generally adopts the centralized intercom telephone. The switchboard of the fire telephone is located in the fire control room, and the extension is located in other parts.The fire telephone switchboard is an important part of the fire telephone, which can carry out full duplex voice communication with the fire telephone extension.The fire telephone extension is installed in the key parts of the building, which can carry out full duplex voice communication with the fire telephone switchboard.Fire telephone jacks are installed throughout the building and can be connected to the fire telephone switchboard by plugging in the telephone handle.
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