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ID4 Africa 2024 Exhibition Review: Telpo Empowers Digital Identity in Africa
Source: Telpo
From May 21st to May 24th, the ID4 Africa 2024 exhibition took place in Cape Town, South Africa, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders in the field of digital identity. Telpo seized the opportunity to demonstrate its full range of biometric security products and solutions, showcasing its commitment to empowering the digital identity process in Africa.

Telpo’s Innovative Products and Solutions
?Mobile Biometric Devices
Showcasing the latest in handheld biometric terminals, Telpo highlighted how these portable solutions can be deployed in various environments, from border control to voter registration.

?Biometric Tablets
Telpo has launched a series of biometric tablets that support multi-modal biometric recognition. By supporting fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition, Telpo biometric tablets can cater to a wide range of identification needs and provide the highest level of security.
?Suitcase with Biometric Equipment
At this exhibition, Telpo also displays the suitcase designed for equipping biometric equipment, which works as a comprehensive biometric workstation. Built with robust materials, it is most suitable for professionals who require a mobile and secure means of performing biometric identification.

At the exhibition site, visitors personally experienced Telpo's efficient and convenient biometric registration terminals and identity verification devices. They showed strong interest in Telpo's digital ID solutions and biometric election projects.

With 25 years of experience in biometric security projects, Telpo has been providing cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for e-ID, e-passport, and e-voting projects around the world. The Telpo digital identification solution will effectively address the African government's need for higher security for digital ID, and play a role in promoting the construction of ID systems in African countries.

In the future, Telpo will continue to innovate and pursue excellence, constantly explore new developments and applications of identity technology, and provide safer and more convenient identity authentication products and services in line with international standards for countries in Africa and around the world!

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