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How Countries Take Efforts To Boost Vaccination?
Source: Telpo

The world's largest vaccination campaign is underway.

Governments and businesses around the world have rolled out a series of incentive measures to speed up the vaccination process in a bid to elevate herd immunity and push normal production and life. What have they done? Let’s take a look.

The U.S. government team up with businesses to encourage COVID-19 vaccination by providing free beer, donuts, baseball tickets, etc. Krispy Kreme launched the “Show Your Heart” campaign that every vaccinated American can get one Original Glazed doughnut each day through the rest of 2021.

The Ohio governor unveiled a free tuition activity, namely, the vaccinated state residents aged 18 and older have a chance to gain a $1 million lottery. Vaccinated residents aged 12-17 can enter to win full-ride scholarships to any in-state college or university. The New York governor promised to offer New York Yankees and Mets baseball league club tickets to the vaccinator.

To entice people to get vaccinated, free food (eggs, vegetables, sesame oil, etc) and even free access to some dedicated parks and museums are provided by local governments. There are even some commercial centers in large cities that offer coupons or discount cards for people who got vaccinated.

To stimulate Russia’s immunization campaign, Moscow launched a bonus program for retirees. Moscow residents aged 65 and over can receive 10,000 rubles ($140) if they complete the two-dose vaccination with one of Russia’s homemade jabs before the end of the year. In addition, gift sets obtained in the capital are also available.

The Italian government made it compulsory that employees need to show a green pass (vaccine certificate) when they enter the workplace. Anyone who refuses to do that will be suspended after five days and will no longer be paid. The government hopes it will encourage hesitant people to get vaccinated, further protect the economy, and avoid another __ caused by repeated outbreaks.

In an attempt to encourage younger people to get vaccinated, the municipality of Israel's Tel Aviv set up a COVID-19 vaccination point at the Jenia Bar in the city’s Dizengoff Square. The vaccines are being offered to anyone, free of charge and without an appointment. And every vaccinated people can give a free drink, or pizza, stew, and cookies.

The Dubai Sports Council launched the initiative called ‘Everyone is responsible for everyone and claimed that residents who got two doses of vaccination can get free access to Gold’s Gym, Fitness First, The Warehouse, Fitness 360, The Sevens, Just Play, and Zabeel Ladies Club.

Serbia was the world’s first country to provide a bonus to vaccinated people. It has promised to pay citizens the equivalent of €25 if they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

The OCBC Bank provided a day off as well as private taxi reimbursement to and from the vaccination centers to its employees, as a response to the encourage employee to get the jabs. If someone experiences side effects, they may take an additional two days of medical leave without needing to provide a medical certificate.

As a high-tech company with strong social responsibility, Telpo rolled out a series of green pass scanners to help all walks of life accurately and rapidly verify people’s vaccination status.

People can put their digital or paper vaccination proof in front of the QR code scanner, which will activate the decoder technology and verify the QR code authenticity. And then, the vaccine information will then be shown on the display with an indicator light and voice broadcast.

What makes it better, Telpo green pass QR code scanner has already matched with many countries’ vaccine certificate APP and supported multi-language, thus accurate and fast vaccine certificate scanning and verification can be ensured. It can effectively screen out abnormal conditions, reduce human workload, and improve the efficiency of green pass identification, and the prevention information collection and record.

Nowadays, Telpo green pass QR code scanners have widely been used at offices, schools, communities, hospitals, government halls, vaccine centers, and other places. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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