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How Biometric Access Control System Boost Attendance Experience?
Source: Telpo

Along with the accurate, rapid and unique identification characteristic, the biometric access control system is gaining increasing popular and extensibility. Amazon’s palmprint application is one of the obvious examples.

Early in 2020, the Amazon announced to launch palmprint biometrics for biometric access control and contactless payments in a bid to provide better sign in experience, under the name Amazon One. Recently, the US entertainment venue also used that biometric access control to enable ticket holders quickly register, verify identity and enter the event.

In fact, the palmprint-recognition technology is just one kinds of biometrics. And the biometric access control system contains face access control system, fingerprint access control system, palmprint access control system and iris access control system.

How could biometric access control system boost attendance experience? We could take Telpo biometric device as an example and see how biometric access control system empowers efficient attendance at the office.

Biometric check-in, contactless and rapidly

In the past, it was common to see employees use employee card for attendance and check-in. However, it may lead to misplace or forget to bring the employee card or coworker help another absence employee to clock in. The biometric access control system allows employee free their hands and contactless attendance by swiping their faces.

Adopt cutting-edge face recognition algorithm and wide dynamic dual-camera, employees can be accurately?recognized?even at various light environments include backlighting and front lighting.?When they arrive at the entrance, the biometric device will activate facial recognition to verify his identity within 0.1s with up to 99.5% accuracy. Different skin colors (yellow/white/black) and 30,000 face images can be recognized and stored.

Therefore, individual check in process will not be affected no matter how many employees reach the company at the same time.

Data analysis, smart management

There is no doubt that attendance data statistic and management is the most tedious and time-consuming part for every company. To solve this problem, Telpo biometric access control system supports data analysis, online and offline recognition and maximum 30,000 facial databases. Employees in charge of attendance management only need to log in the system, and then he can quickly export every employee’s attendance data, which greatly reduce the time and error of manual check.

It is worth mentioning that Telpo Face platform can support biometric device management and business application management. That includes unified device access, unified data collection and face database management. Once biometric device is connected to Telpo Face platform with the specific interface, the platform will manage and configure devices. It is able to realize remote operation and assist enterprise to manage multiple biometric devices.

In addition, Telpo Face platform also supports unified collection, statistical query and export of multi-terminal data. Local face images input and collect are allowed, making upload and send face images to biometric devices available. That also means that employees can freely enter the company or office areas once it input his face information at one biometric scanner, which greatly saves time, improves traffic efficiency and reduces human contact risk.

User-friendly design, two deployment option

With the aim to reduce the difficulty and cost of platform development, optimize the online &offline management and make customers reduce operating cost and put into use quickly, we can provide two server models.

One is public cloud server resource. The advantages of this model lie in its simplicity, convenience and relatively low cost, which is suitable for low-budget company attendance scenarios. Another is independently deploying private server. Its advantage exists in its fast running speed and high data privacy, which is befitting for the scenario where a large number of machines are accessed. However, this mode requires enterprises to prepare server resources by themselves and full-time engineers to deploy and maintain it, which is suitable for company attendance scenarios with sufficient budget and high demand for data privacy.

Multiple biometric devices, fix your demand

With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo launched a series of biometric devices in response to satisfy different scene demands.

Outdoor Biometric Device F6
?7-inch sun-readable screen+ Android 9.0 system
?Wide dynamic dual-lens camera or single-lens camera, three-color indicator light
?Face recognition+ fingerprint identification + QR code + NFC+ video intercom
?Temperature detection/ mask sheltering is optional
?Support GDPR, waterproof and dustproof
AI Face Recognition Machine F8
?8-inch IPS display+ dual system alternative (Linux or Android)
?Dual-lens (RGB and IR) camera
?RV1109 CPU + 1.2Tops NPU
?Video intercom+ QR code reader+ card access control + face recognition
?Temperature measurement (optional)
?Support GDPR, waterproof and dustproof
Biometric Scanner F10
?10-inch big display+ Android 9 system+ Qualcomm CPU
?Wide dynamic single-lens /dual-lens (RGB and IR) camera
?QR code+ HID card+ face recognition
?Single/Multi-person temperature measurement (optional)
?Support GDPR, waterproof and dustproof
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