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Why More And More Governments Advocate Digital ID?
Source: Telpo
Digital ID is the innovation in enrolment, and getting enrolment right is the cornerstone of any secure identity programme. That’s the reason why governments globally are willing to make the jump to roll out digital identity schemes even though for and against coexist.

What is digital ID?

Digital ID (digital identity) namely the online individual identity credentials. Differ from paper-based identity credential like driver’s licenses, passport and ID card, digital ID can be authenticated over digital channels. Authentication can be carried out from the use of biometric data to passwords, PINs, or smart devices and security tokens.

What Is The Value of Digital ID?

The World Bank estimates that nearly 1 billion people who lack a legal identification among 7.6 billion people in the world, and 3.4 billion people own legal identification but have a limited space to use it digitally. And there are 3.2 billion people who have legal identification and engage in the online economy but fail to easily use their digital ID.

Within the backdrop, digital ID can solve the problem that people without legal identification, attribute to the digital ID system will collect and validate attributes to establish a person’s identity and even provide corresponding identity credential. Besides, digital ID allows more people to efficiently participate in the digital economy with legal identification and right reason, reduce fraud and even more simplify interactions between individuals, governments and businesses.

How To Build Trusted Digital ID System?

In fact, a trusted digital ID system relate to relevant required technology contains Internet connectivity and biometric. Three general steps are also essential, that is, capture, verify and digitalize.

Capture. Personal identity attributes should be captured, include but not limit passport, driving licenses, ID cards, fingerprint, face image or iris. That means the data capture terminal should at least support the above function.

Verify. identity verification designed to verify the authenticity of what end-user provide and validates if the person is who they claim to be. This may require data comparison while biometric with its unique characteristic would be the most reliable methods. The higher level of the biometric identity device, the more accurate effect can be obtained.

Digitalize. A digital ID could be built after personal biometric data and identity document is successfully matched. Going forward, user can easily access to any service they require with their digital ID by simply presenting the requested biometric attribute, such as fingerprint, face, iris, etc.

Opt For Biometric Identity Device

In an effort to help governments smoothly promote the digital ID enrolment process, Telpo roll out a series of advanced biometric identity devices. Challenges like identity assurance, system security and information accuracy can be better guaranteed.

Biometric Identity Tablet S8

?8-inch + 400nit sunlight readable screen+ Android 9 enables flexible operation and clearer content display
?Multi-modal biometrics (face recognition, iris, fingerprint),enhance identity reality
?Various verification methods include 1D&2D, NFC, OCR and passport MRZ
?Multi-fingerprint scanners optional (IB Columbo/ Sherlock, Suprema BM-Slim2/3 )
?User-friendly design, support gloves and wet hands operation
?IP65 level waterproof, dust proof and drop-proof makes it suitable for harsh outdoor environment
?Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS

Biometric Identity Enrolment Workstation S10

?10-inch display + 5-point capacitive touchscreen + Android 10 allow maximized performance and flexibility of data acquisition and matching
?10000 mAh removable battery + charge with solar empower constantly working
?Dual cameras (13MP+5MP) + portable biometric security kit improve user experience
?80mm thermal printer with fast printing speed ensures timely obtain identity credential
?FAP60 ten-finger scanner with LES technology ensures quickly capture fingerprint with higher security
?Multiple data capture include contactless card reader (NFC/RFID), iris scanner, MRZ scanner and IC card reader, electronic signature
?Certificate: CE, GMS, NIMC,NCC

Decades of long commitment to R&D has earned Telpo work with the Middle East, Central Africa and other governments around the world, and accumulated rich civil identity project experience. If you want to know more detail, welcome to contact us.

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