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Case Share| Green Pass QR Code Reader Boost Government Affair Hall Verification Efficiency
Source: Telpo

Nowadays, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 or the delta variant are still increasing around the world, making strict epidemic prevention become normalcy. Everyone who enters public places is required to verify his green pass or vaccine certificate to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

However, it is time-assuming, low efficient and hard to find the counterfeit certificate if we check personal’s green pass one by one and hand by hand. If someone uses others’ green pass screenshots in an attempt to get through, it would bring great hidden dangers to the epidemic prevention.

In addition, it is also hard for seniors to present their health pass as they might not have a mobile phone or fail to use it, resulting in potential conflicts when they need to enter public places. Even though some places arrange specific staff to help seniors register their personal information and set up the green pass, it is easy to cause crowd gathering and enhance the risk of virus spread.

In a bid to solve the above-mentioned problems, a government affairs hall introduced Telpo green pass QR code reader recently. People only need to put their ID card at the green pass scanner, and then their information of green pass, vaccination, nucleic acid testing result, etc will be displayed on the screen within seconds.

In this way, seniors who fail to use a mobile phone or don’t have a green pass can also effectively and accurately prove their health status through the green pass QR code reader. It is conducive to improve green pass verification efficiency and provide user-friendly service to people of all ages, and further, promote the image and group trust of the government affairs hall.

It is worth mentioning that Telpo green pass QR code reader is equipped with a professional barcode scanner and contactless card reader, thus it can support green pass verification, ID card recognition, location information registration along with voice broadcast, indicator light and screen display triple remind.

What makes it better, the green pass QR code reader can connect the interface with various countries’ local green pass apps, real-time networking, and data cloud synchronization at a fast verification speed with high accuracy. It can effectively screen out abnormal conditions, reduce human workload, and improve the efficiency of green pass identification, and the prevention information collection and record.

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