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Self-service Locker Boost Smart Government and 24 hour Convenient Service
Source: Telpo

The digital transformation of smart government and smart city was speeded up driven by contactless service amid the pandemic period. From heath code scanning, facial recognition temperature screening to self-help service, we can see technology play a crucial role at smart government development and help people return to normal life as soon as possible.

Apart from online operation development, smart governance can be seen at the upgrading of offline intelligent terminals to optimize the experience of citizens. Take the self-service locker of the smart government affairs hall as an example.

Citizen need not ask for leave to handle business in the government affairs hall during working hours. They can fill in and submit the declaration materials online or offline, and place them in the self-service locker and complete the submit procedure. After completing the material review, the staff will online notice the citizen and put the audited certificate into the self-service locker. Citizen can self-pick up their documents once they match identity verification. In this way, 24-hour convenient service is available.

As we all known, the self-service locker of the government affair hall must take strict requirement for identity verification. Otherwise, it might cause severe consequences.

With the aim to enhance the accuracy of citizen identity verification and better protect their interest and rights, Telpo empowers self-service locker with multi-functional identity verification methods.

Telpo smart self-service locker support face recognition, ID/IC card reading, QR code scanning, etc. In this way, citizen can choose swiping NFC card, face or scan specific QR code to verify their identification. Once identification success, the door will automatically open. The Android open source system makes it available to make secondary development and can be used at various scenes with high identification requirements storage scenarios.

The contactless self-service locker can provide 24-hour self-service, which is convenient for citizens to handle business anytime and anywhere, eliminating the process and time of manual queuing, improving the efficiency of business handling and enhancing citizens' satisfaction with smart government affairs

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