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Touch-free Temperature Screening And Facial Recognition Boost Wuhan Music Festival
Source: Telpo
Recently, Wuhan hosted an electronic music festival at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park which raised eyebrows from home and abroad. Wuhan this keyword even ranked top10 in the US twitter trending search.

Thousands of people shoulder-to-shoulder with no face masks, frolicking on rubber floats, and happily participate in the music festival, BBC News reported. From quiet streets to packed swimming pool, it deeply reflects a sign that life is returning to normal in Wuhan.

Why Wuhan can successfully host such a large gathering? Touch-free temperature screening and facial recognition are keys. In fact, if public places do well in anti-epidemic measures, activities could be restarted successively.

People might wonder that how to guarantee the people around them are health and they are in a safe public place? Telpo temperature screening terminal TPS980T can provide the best solution. With an advanced face recognition algorithm and infrared sensor, it can touch-free detect a person's forehead temperature and matching their identity.

Even in the outdoor harsh environment like strong light, backlight, it can be used normally. Once a high temperature is detected, both alarm and alert email will be activated. For adapting to the various scene requirements, Telpo can provide different software versions include online, offline, middleware, local network, and development. SDK is also available for secondary development.

Importantly, with CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC, KC, Anatel, BIS certifications guarantee high quality, it can effectively detect human health status and ensure a safe environment for public places.

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