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How Do Multiple Biometric Identifications Enhance Public Safety?
Source: Telpo
Biometric identifications have permeated every aspect of life today. A single biometric identification method has been unable to meet the needs of public safety. The fusion of multiple biometric technologies is entering the mainstream.

Biometric technologies have been applied in almost all industries. In personal areas, biometric identifications can be used in unlocking electronic door locks and digital devices. In the field of social welfare, social groups can be identified by biometrics to be provided with benefits of healthcare and education, and social insurance. What’s more, biometrics are good aids in judicial authentication. Most importantly, biometric identification plays an essential role in public and social safety by being used in ID cards, passports, entry and exit inspections, wanted blacklists, etc.

However, as technology develops, it has become easier for criminals to forge identities. A single biometric is no longer enough to confirm an identity. Fusion application of multiple biometric technology help to improve accuracy and efficiency in the identification process, enhancing public safety.

Fusion of multiple biometric identifications refers to not relying on a single biological trait, but conducting multiple kinds of recognition, including but not limited to fingerprint, iris, face, etc. Conducting multiple kinds of biometric identification can make up for the deficiency of single-mode biometrics, driving more accurate, efficient, comprehensive, and securer identifications.

More accurate. Multiple biometrics provide more than one safeguard for confirming identity. Compared with the social symbols like ID cards, work cards, and other certifications, fingerprint, iris, face, and such biological symbols are more reliable, for they are unique and different in each person. Through multiple validation, the identity confirmed is more credible.

Additionally, it is more difficult and expensive to fake multiple biometrics than a single one. As a result, with the common use of the fusion of multiple biometric identifications, fewer criminals choose to fake and steal the biological information of other citizens for the rising crime costs. Society will be in better order.

More efficient. Multiple biometric identifications make identities more credible and reliable, more manual labor has been saved. Officials who are responsible for verifying identities don’t have to check with their naked eyes. More time and energy have been saved and the process of identification becomes more efficient.

More comprehensive. Adapting single biometric identification may not face all people. For the people who have some biological signatures damaged, it is hard to conduct. Single biometrics are also susceptible to other factors. For example, fingerprint wear and sweaty fingers may affect fingerprint identification accuracy. Light, distance, and contact lens wearing can interfere with iris recognition. Multiple biometric identifications eliminate these disturbances to the greatest extent.

To enhance public safety, it is necessary to conduct multiple biometric identifications. Through identifying with multiple biometric technologies, identities can be identified with great accuracy, especially identifying people who are on the wanted blacklist and who try to steal others’ identities.

Founded in 1999, Telpo has been in the field of smart security for more than 20 years. Up to now, Telpo has launched a variety of biometric devices that are most suitable to be used to conduct multiple biometric identifications. I strongly recommend biometric devices, S5 and S8 launched by Telpo.

Multi-factor identification. Various identification methods are supported, including E-ID card reading, NFC reading, E-passport reading, fingerprint reading, iris scanning, and barcode scanning. What is worth mentioning is that FAP45 and FAP30 fingerprint readers are optional.
Powerful operating system. A strong operating system ensures high working efficiency. With Android 9.0 running, Telpo S5 and S8 bring smooth and stable user experiences.
Rugged and compact. Passing IP65 and 1.5 drop testing, even in harsh environments, S8 and S5 can operate as usual.
Large battery and fast charging. Long battery life guarantees a long working time.

With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo is dedicated to offering high-quality products. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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